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Family Type: Single Female
State I live in: Texas

dear expectant mother

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you for taking the time to consider me. This journey you are on will be one of the hardest journeys you will have to travel. I will be there for you every step of the way. My mom always said, “Through God all things are possible.” I believe he will guide us through this chapter. If you decide to choose me, it will truly be a blessing to be a part of your child’s life. I want you to know I will teach them about our Heavenly Father and the importance of prayer. Every Sunday we will attend church to learn the gospel and then cook big Southern Sunday meals. I will instill in them the values of honesty, respect, and courage.

I will take them on trips to various countries, Disney World, and different museums to learn art and culture. I will teach them how to read and guide them on their path to becoming the person they were meant to be. My sisters and I will teach them about Southern cooking, baking, and spending time with family. We will enjoy playing games like Uno, Monopoly, Hide and Seek, and Scrabble. We will spend some of our days playing in the yard with Abigail. I will teach your child the importance of family, love, forgiveness, and blessings. And most of all, I will make sure they know about you, who gave them life.

Today I’m ready to share my life with someone I can love unconditionally and teach the values my mom taught me.


About Me

I’m a retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force, where I served 22 years. Currently, I am a senior practice manager for general pediatrics at one of the large clinics in the city. My mom raised me to always put God first because through Him all things are possible. I’m a fun-loving person who enjoys spending time with my family and extended family. I love to cook Southern style meals and desserts. I enjoy traveling to different countries and cities, exploring different cultures. Oftentimes you will find me hanging out with my dog, Abigail. My favorite pastimes are talking with family, watching TV, reading, and crocheting. I spend time going to sporting events and museums and enjoy playing games.

My Home & Pets

I live in a four-bedroom, 3.5-bath lakefront house with a large living room and kitchen and a spacious backyard. In my community, there is a recreation center, nature trails, a playground with swings, and a lake where we will learn to fish and jet ski. Abi and I go on long walks in the community and play in the backyard. I look forward to going to the community oversized water park where we can play in the water and on the swings and climb the jungle gym. I am excited about teaching your child how to cook, crochet, put jigsaw puzzles together, and fish. Our schools (both private and public) are recognized for the outstanding education they offer, and we’re listed among the fastest-growing school districts.

My Extended Family

My mom raised me and my sisters to know the importance of family and spending time together. During the holidays, we always get together and reflect on why we are thankful. I look forward to showing your child the traditions of my family while including yours. We will teach your child how to cook Southern holiday meals and decorating. Every holiday, my sisters, cousins, uncles, and nieces and nephews come together like a big family reunion. Every day my family asks me about my adoption journey because they are so overjoyed about me becoming a mom.
When I was not able to spend time with my family during the holidays, I would spend it with my military families. My military family and I would have cookouts almost every weekend. They are excited about me adopting since I have always been an auntie to their children. On occasion, I would pick up the children, and we would go to the movies or park or eat at one of their favorite places. Some of my closest friends suggested I should adopt. We have had many conversations about adopting.

What Led Me To Adoption

All my life I have always wanted to be a mom. I dedicated my life to my career in the military, which caused me to put starting a family on hold. Today I’m ready to share my life with someone I can love unconditionally and teach the values my mom taught me. Over the years, my sister and I have talked about adoption so I can be a mom. A very close friend told me her adoption story, and I witnessed the joy her son brought to her life when she was blessed with him. She encouraged me to adopt because she knows how important being a mom is to me. I am ready to look my baby in the eyes and fall in love at first sight.

more about Deshundra

more about Deshundra

Senior Practice Manager, General Pediatrics
African American
Master of Management in Emergency Management and Master of Business Administration in International Business
Southern home cooking, lasagna, spaghetti, chocolate cake
Playing with Abi, reading, watching TV, crocheting, jigsaw puzzles
The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Harry Potter series
Favorite Tradition:
Spending the holidays with family and extended family, birthdays
Football, basketball
Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Music Group:
Marvin Sapp, Tasha Cobb-Leonard, Whitney Houston, New Edition
TV Show:
The Golden Girls, Law and Order: SVU, Seinfeld
Gather Together in My Name, the Twilight series
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:
Prague, Amsterdam, Germany

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