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Family Type: Single Female
State I live in: Georgia

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

I just want you to know I understand this is probably a scary or difficult decision you are considering. Picking the right person to love and raise your child can be overwhelming and emotional. Suffering from infertility and not being able to have my family grow without your help makes me appreciate your sacrifice on a different level. I couldn’t do this without you, and for that reason alone, you will always be in my heart and prayers. You would be giving me an absolute blessing, and that is something I can’t praise enough.
I am honored to be considered as a potential parent to your child. The instant I know I have been blessed to be a child's mother, that child will already be loved. My family is standing by ready to provide hugs, kisses, and visits to see your child. I am prepared to give my absolute all to give your baby opportunities I never had. I have a strong support system in my friends and family. Your child will have all the blessings I was given growing up along with the things I didn’t have then.
Thank you for your consideration and time in reading through my profile.

Suffering from infertility and not being able to have my family grow without your help makes me appreciate your sacrifice on a different level. I couldn’t do this without you, and for that reason alone, you will always be in my heart and prayers


About Me

I have a big smile and am always laughing and hugging others. I was born and raised in Chicago then joined the Air Force and currently live in the South. I miss snow occasionally, but I love the South. When I left active duty and got my dream job as a law enforcement officer, I knew I would stay there. I was moved from my position on patrol and am currently an investigator. I love the outdoors and taking trips with my family and friends. I’m a deal hunter, so I always try to include a fun trip on a budget, and most of the time, my family and friends join in with me. I play basketball, but I love to watch football, baseball, and boxing. Cooking is another passion. My inner foodie loves to experiment with different cultures and tastes to experience as much as possible.

My Home & Pets

I have a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a fenced-in backyard and attached garage. Because I live so close to the Air Force base, my neighborhood is full of military families. There are plenty of children playing outside, but it doesn’t get too loud most days. When I purchased my home, I made sure I had room for a large dog and space for family to visit. Titan, my German shepherd, loves the backyard. I live in a great school district and relatively close to all grade levels. The town is quiet but growing. Living a short drive from beaches in one direction, cabins in another, and big city life in the other makes my little home a great location to have and raise kids.

My Extended Family

I come from a big family. I have two older brothers and two older sisters. Everyone is married with children. We get together for most holidays and birthdays. I travel home for the big holidays because we like to do family pictures around those times. Around 2012 my oldest brother started teaching us all about Juneteenth. He loves to learn and teach new things, and it was very surprising I had never heard of it. So now we have a tradition of gathering on his birthday, which is Juneteenth, and celebrating.
Every year we take Christmas pictures and spend the night at one family member’s home. We wake up Christmas morning and put on pajamas with a matching theme, and the kids get coloring books. We spend the day watching Christmas movies and cooking and eating. The location rotates every year, but we are always together. Even if I can’t go home, they will surprise me by sending my pajamas and spending the day on FaceTime with me. My family is excited to give me and the baby pajamas and coloring books. They are already planning trips to celebrate the baby’s birthday.

What Led Me To Adoption

Praying and praying for a child to love and share my life with brought me to this point. My heart always wanted to be a mother, but I just wasn’t lucky enough to be blessed in that department. I’m a godmother and an aunt to several children. Working with deputies who have fostered and adopted pushed me to pursue motherhood through adoption. After speaking with my family and witnessing the excitement in their eyes when I talked about adoption, this confirmed I would have the best support system no matter the route I took to be a mother. It solidified with me that my child would be loved unconditionally by my family.

more about Dominique

more about Dominique

Law enforcement officer
African American
6 credits away from BS in criminal justice
Reading, cooking, eating
Sparkle, Dreamgirls
Favorite Tradition:
Family holidays
Music Group:
Beyonce, Megan the Stallion, Kevin Gates
TV Show:
Family Guy, Rick and Morty, My Hero Academia
Hoodlum, Coldest Winter Ever
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:

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