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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Arizona

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

I want to begin by expressing my deepest understanding of the weightiness of the decision you are facing. Your courage in navigating this challenging journey is truly commendable, and I admire you for it! While motherhood is an immense responsibility, it's also a journey of profound love, growth, and self-discovery. Your honesty in assessing your path forward is both admirable and inspiring.

In my home, love, support, and personal development are the cornerstones upon which our family stands. With my son, I operate from a place of unconditional love, fostering an environment where he feels empowered to navigate his emotions and challenges. Whether it's comforting him through a temper tantrum or engaging in meaningful conversations, I prioritize providing a nurturing foundation for his growth and development.

The prospect of welcoming another child into my life fills me with immense joy and gratitude. Motherhood has been a transformative journey for me, revealing facets of myself I never knew existed. With the stability afforded by my business, I am committed to offering a loving and secure home where your baby can thrive.

Thank you for considering me as a potential parent for your child. I am eager to connect with you, learn more about your journey, and hopefully embark on this new chapter together. Your trust and consideration mean the world to me.

With warmest regards,

Your courage in navigating this challenging journey is truly commendable, and I admire you for it!


About Me

Hi there! My name is Liz, and I’m excited to connect with you! As an adventurous, kind-hearted person and mother to a delightful two-year-old son, parenthood has already changed my life! Caring for my son brings me happiness, and I take a lot of pride in excelling as a mother. Alongside motherhood, my passions are reading, painting, pilates, travel, and the outdoors. My son has already had so many different wonderful experiences traveling to different places! I am a fan of different types of food, cultures, and people and love taking in the joys of life in different places.

Professionally, I am the owner and founder of a successful business. My business affords me financial freedom and an amazing life! I look forward to extending these same opportunities and abundant love to a new member who becomes a part of our little family and shares in all of its joy!

My Home & Pets

We are a family living in Arizona, originally from the East Coast. Embracing desert life and endless sunshine, we love spending time outdoors. Our neighborhood is busy and vibrant. There are excellent school systems, although I plan to enroll my son (and eventually the baby) in a private school. At home, the pool serves as a hub for entertainment, where we enjoy barbecues and poolside gatherings. My son has taken drowning-prevention classes, and the same will be true for any new member of the family. Our family includes two beloved cats who are both very affectionate and great companions to my son! He loves petting them and giving them kisses. They often join us for cozy evenings on the couch with popcorn and movies.

My Extended Family

Despite having a small organic family, with only a few cousins and distant relatives residing on the East Coast, the essence of family holds profound significance in my life. This value propels my desire to expand my family through adoption, allowing me to impart cherished traditions from my upbringing to my children's lives. Among these traditions, celebrating Christmas, Easter, and birthdays stands prominent and will continue for many years to come. Whether through fun and heart-warming parties or adventurous vacations, these occasions serve as pillars for familial bonding and joy.

Throughout the years, my circle of family has transcended bloodlines to encompass the remarkable friendships I've cultivated. Some have journeyed with me since college or even grammar school, while others have become integral through past employment, my business, community organizations, and church. These individuals, though not bound by genetics, epitomize the essence of family through their unwavering support, trustworthiness, and love. In times of need and triumph alike, they stand as pillars of strength, enriching my life and that of my son with their presence and care.

What Led Me To Adoption

I want to adopt for many reasons. I’ve seen the inspiring power of adoption in others’ lives. I believe if one has the time, resources, and love, adopting is a profoundly meaningful path, and it’s something I am committed to. Despite being single and in my forties, this doesn’t hinder my decision to build a family-centered life through adoption. I know I can provide the emotional nurturing and material care needed to raise a child, even as a single mother. The pull I’ve felt toward adoption is undeniable, and I’m grateful to pursue this journey independently. I eagerly anticipate welcoming a baby, not only to nurture their growth but to foster a lifelong bond between them and my son, nurturing a sibling relationship filled with love and support.

more about Elizabeth

more about Elizabeth

Bachelor's degree
Fro-yo, ramen
Pilates, reading
Anything with Will Ferrell
Favorite Tradition:
Decorating our Christmas tree
Tennis, baseball, Olympics
Music Group:
So many different groups!
TV Show:
The Office, Vanderpump Rules
We’re Different, We’re the Same
Subject in School:
English, art
Dream Vacation:

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