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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Pennsylvania

dear expectant mother

I can imagine making this decision is far from easy. I am sure there are so many emotions going through your mind as you begin this process. Please know that no matter what decision you make, you will be making the decision that is right for you at this time in your life. There is no right or wrong decision. I admire your strength and your courage, and I promise to be open, honest, and real with you throughout this entire process should you choose me.

I promise to love your baby with all my heart. I promise to never let your baby ever forget that you love them so much and that you always will. I promise to provide a home for your baby that is built on instilling the values of self-love, self-confidence, and acceptance of others no matter the similarities or differences. I promise to always be there for your baby no matter what. I promise to surround your baby with healthy, positive family members who will love and support your baby at all times.

Whatever degree of openness you choose, please know I will always respect your wishes. Thank you for making this selfless decision and being a blessing to me and my family. You are our hero.

Whatever degree of openness you choose, please know I will always respect your wishes. Thank you for making this selfless decision and being a blessing to me and my family. You are our hero.


About Me

My friends and family would describe me as fun, loving, caring, committed, real, and a truly dependable person. I am always there for my friends and family when they need me, no matter what. I am someone who is always ready to have a good time but also someone who will be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to. I am a dance and performing arts studio owner and director. I am also a licensed social worker. I love to dance, sing, and perform on stage. I love to teach and inspire young people. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, eating, and watching Netflix. My guilty pleasure is playing the Sims 4!

My Home & Pets

I live in a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom home in a community in a suburb in Pennsylvania. I live near many parks, schools, shopping centers, a mall, and family fun centers like Urban Air and Dave and Busters. My community is filled with a diverse group of families with many children. I have two dogs in my home who love to cuddle and play. They are looking forward to a little one to love, play with, and protect.

My Extended Family

I come from a very close-knit family. Growing up, it was just my mom, my dad, my sister, and me. My sister is now married and has one daughter. My niece is awesome! I have my maternal grandmother who lives in New York and my paternal grandmother who lives in Ohio. I also have two aunts and two uncles whom I have great relationships with. My best friend is also very involved in my life and will be a major part of your little one’s life as well! While our family may seem small, I have a host of cousins in many different states, which makes for lots of fun opportunities to travel. I have family in New York, Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and even Germany. I love every opportunity I have to spend with them.

Some of my favorite holiday traditions are Thanksgiving with my cousins from Ohio, making gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve, Christmas celebrations at my grandparents’ house in New York, New Year’s Eve dinner at my family’s home, the first Sunday dinner at my parents’ house, and our annual family picnic in New York. These are all opportunities for us to get together and create long-lasting memories.

What Led Me To Adoption

I have always felt called to adopt. Growing up, I knew I wanted to have children, and I always said I wanted to adopt. I have been surrounded by adoption in my family since I was in third grade, when my aunt adopted her son. My goddaughter is also an adoptee, and I have played a major role in her life since birth. For me, family is not about blood; it is about love. Children have always surrounded me, and I have always known I have so much love to give. Now I believe it is my time to build my family through love!

more about Eryka

more about Eryka

Dance & Performing Arts Studio Owner/Licensed Social Worker
African American
Master of Social Services
The Fighting Temptations
Favorite Tradition:
Making gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve
Dance, basketball
Music Group:
TLC, Destiny’s Child, Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars
TV Show:
Supermarket Sweep, Supermarket Steakout, Shark Tank, Chopped, House Hunters, Family Guy
Because of Winn-Dixie, Corduroy
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:

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