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Family Type: Single Pansexual Female
State I live in: Connecticut

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

I have the utmost admiration and respect for you. This must be an emotional and difficult choice for you to consider, yet you continue to do what you believe is right for your child. Your strength is admirable. I will never be able to understand what you are going through, but please know how much respect I have for you.

Thank you for reading my information and giving me this chance to show you how much I will love your child if you choose me. I promise to love them, honor them, and teach them how to honor themselves and the world around them. I promise your child will never want for anything and will have a solid family unit even with one parent. I promise to keep them safe physically, emotionally, and intellectually. I will teach them to respect the earth and everyone and everything on it. Your child will be accepted, never judged, encouraged, and loved no matter what.

Adopting a child has been my dream for over half my life. From a young age, I have been drawn to adoption, and I cannot believe I have the chance for this dream to come true.


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I promise to keep them safe physically, emotionally, and intellectually. I will teach them to respect the earth and everyone and everything on it. Your child will be accepted, never judged, encouraged, and loved no matter what.


About Me

I am a positive, hardworking, caring woman who loves learning about others and the joys of nature. I value and respect everyone for who they are and even encourage individual differences. I am very invested in working with children, especially my special education students, and I can’t picture my life without my elementary education. Outside of working in a career I adore, I love to walk, run, and hike with friends and my two dogs. Hopefully my future child will be strapped into a carrier right along with us soon! Being around empowering, strong, open, and loving friends and family is very important to me, so I make it an absolute point to see the people I love frequently. My life is full of road trips and experiencing adventures, and I cannot wait to share these with a child!

My Home & Pets

My home is an open layout ranch in a very family-friendly neighborhood. There are always families walking together and neighbor kids playing together in our development, which is tucked away from the main streets. I have a great fenced-in yard for a child to play safely and play with the dogs! I can’t wait to participate in Mommy and Me programs, go to swim classes at the YMCA, and play in the parks and beaches in my town with my future child. I have two dogs who are equally excited about children! Milton is a mix, and Barry is a French bulldog. They both love to snuggle with their heads on my lap on the couch and go for exciting hikes!

My Extended Family

I am the middle child with an older sister one town over and a younger brother, who also lives in a nearby town. My parents live in the same town as I do, and they are immensely overjoyed to be grandparents. After telling my parents I had begun my adoption process, my mother purchased an adorable, super soft baby blanket for my future child because it was “too cute!” Both siblings have expressed their elation about having a niece or nephew and play-fight over who will be the child’s favorite. We always get together for major holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I see my parents weekly for Sunday dinners.

I am extremely lucky to have both grandmothers living, and they both cried when I told them they would be great-grandmothers. My mom’s mother is from Guam and is ecstatic to teach her great-grandbaby about the island, while my dad’s mother is ready to pass down her Italian traditions.

Everyone in my family is completely open to learning new traditions depending on the heritage of my future child. We are eager to learn and add all the traditions that might be different than ours.

What Led Me To Adoption

My story starts the moment I learned about adoption as a child. There was never a question that I wanted to adopt, only when. I knew adoption would be the path I was meant to take. The older I got, the more the idea of providing a home for a child grew in my heart. My biggest dream is to be a mother; I have so much love to give and many opportunities to provide. The beauty of adoption became the only way I knew I wanted to experience motherhood, and I have never wavered in that desire.

more about Hayley

more about Hayley

Special Education
Caucasian/Pacific Islander
Master in Elementary Education
Pizza, ice cream
Anything with friends and family
Human Planet
Favorite Tradition:
Sunday dinners
RuPaul’s Drag Race
Music Group:
Frank Ocean, Jessie Reyez
TV Show:
Doctor Who
All Souls trilogy
Subject in School:
Environmental sciences
Dream Vacation:
Alaska, Guam

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