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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Washington

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

I can only imagine the difficulty you are going through right now in your decision to move forward with adoption and now choosing a family for your child. You are so strong and brave for making this choice. If our family is where you decide your child would fit best, please know he or she will be loved and cared for every second of every day and that you will be spoken of with nothing but respect and gratitude.

As a family that has been through adoption already, I know the incredible love you have for your child, and we are ready and eager to keep whatever level of relationship you are hoping to have. Your child will grow up knowing how brave you are and how loved they are, and I am here and ready to help them navigate their emotions as they grow up and start to have more questions about their birth parent(s). I love that both kids will have each other to talk to about their own experiences and feelings as well.

Whatever family and home you choose for your child, I hope you recognize your own strength and know your child will be so incredibly loved. While I hope that home is here with us, I hope more for you and your child’s happiness.

Thank you for considering us as a family for your child.

Jena & Zane (future world’s greatest big brother)

I love that both kids will have each other to talk to about their own experiences and feelings as well.


About Me

I am a very active person and love to be out and about with my son and our dog, Arlo. My son and I love going hiking, going to the park and to splash pads in the summer, playing sports, skiing, and doing crafts together. We also enjoy gardening at our house and at Nana’s house as well as getting together with all of our friends for playdates and BBQs. We go to all the local sporting events together, paddleboard, kayak, and love to be on the water. I also play ice hockey in a league here in town. I work in software and have been at my company for the past five years. I work remotely from my home and am blessed with a very flexible work schedule that offers a great work–life balance.

My Home & Pets

We live on a quiet street in a neighborhood filled with children and young families. Our home is one block from the neighborhood park and three blocks from the nearest elementary school. The downtown area has great places to walk, shop, and eat and hosts various events, including an annual Easter egg hunt, holiday and social gatherings, youth sporting events, and a farmers market. We know our neighbors and consider them to be friends. Our home is seven blocks away from my sister and less than one mile from my mom’s house. We are extremely family oriented and spend lots of time together. We also have a dog named Arlo. He is a shepherd/beagle mix and is the sweetest little pup.

My Extended Family

We have a lot of family within a couple miles of our home, including my mom (“Nana”) and her long-term boyfriend (“Grandpa”), my sister, two aunts, and an uncle. We also have many cousins nearby who visit often with their children.

We do “Friday night cocktails” as a full extended family, which really means Friday night family dinner. We also frequently do Sunday night family dinners together. The family enjoys doing outdoor activities together too. We go hiking often, which includes bird watching, airplane spotting, and LOTS of throwing rocks into the river. We also enjoy supporting local sports teams, attending events together, and arts and crafts time. Our family also includes my mom’s partner’s family. They come together to celebrate one another and take active roles in each other’s lives. My son loves playing basketball with the kids.

We always get together for the holidays, and everyone in the extended family participates in our tradition of matching Christmas pajamas, which my son is obsessed with. Most of our gatherings end in what we call a “neighborhood dance party,” where all the neighbors get together, listen to oldies, and dance around the living room.

My Adoption Story

I have wanted to adopt since I was young and was lucky enough to adopt my first child four years ago. Being a mom has been such an incredible experience for me, and both my son and I are looking forward to another amazing baby joining our family. My son's birthmother and I are still in communication, and we love being able to have that connection. We have seen her three times, and the rest of our communication has been via text and Instagram, where she’s able to follow our sweet boy’s life. He is kind, caring, and compassionate and will be the most wonderful brother. He loves babies and is so sweet and gentle with them. When we talk about a new baby joining our family, he is so excited about the role of big brother.

more about Jena

more about Jena

Senior consultant
Bachelor’s degree in business management/marketing
Thanksgiving dinner (gravy)
Hockey, football, skiing
Man on Fire, Love & Basketball, Dirty Dancing
Favorite Tradition:
Christmas pajamas, cupcake in bed for birthday breakfast
Music Group:
Elvis Presley
TV Show:
Friends, That 70’s Show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
The 5 People You Meet in Heaven
Subject in School:
English, PE
Dream Vacation:
Costa Rica to visit a sloth rehabilitation center

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