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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Florida

dear expectant mother

I want to start this letter by expressing my utmost admiration and respect for you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you for considering me. I am profoundly in awe of your love, strength, courage, and sacrifice as you consider an adoption plan. I want you to know I understand what a blessing it will be to raise a child. I will not take your decision for granted should you choose me, and I promise you your child will be raised in a safe, loving, and supportive home.

I will make it my life’s passion to ensure your child has a solid family foundation where love, education, kindness, community, and compassion are guiding principles. Your child will always be my highest priority and will be supported and loved unconditionally.

I cannot wait to take a child on trips to explore sights, cultures, and natural wonders. I look forward to teaching a child to always look for new possibilities and to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Your child’s life will be filled with wonder, knowledge, and curiosity so they may have the confidence to accomplish anything they endeavor. I am so excited to have the opportunity to provide a life of love, laughter, education, and travel for a child. If you choose me, I promise to honor your gift.


I want to start this letter by expressing my utmost admiration and respect for you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you for considering me.


About Me

I am a positive, nature-loving, hardworking, caring woman who loves learning about others. I value each person for who they are and respect and encourage individual differences. I am very invested in working in healthcare to help improve the lives of others. Outside of working in a career I adore, I love to walk, bike, read books, travel with friends, am trying to learn pickle ball and hopefully soon my future child will be strapped into a carrier right along with me! Being around empowering, strong, open, and loving friends and family is very important to me, so I make it an absolute point to see the people I love frequently. My life is full of road trips and experiencing adventures, and I cannot wait to share that with my future child!

My Home

My home is warm and inviting, with an open layout on a cul-de-sac in a very family-friendly neighborhood. My neighborhood is one where everyone gathers each evening to play and hang out until dark. There are always families taking daily walks (including myself) and neighbor kids playing together, tucked away from the main streets. It’s a community with dozens of diverse families from all walks of life, including many other young families. There is a lakeside playground down the street surrounded by nature, a pool, soccer fields, and volleyball courts. I have plenty of space and a great yard for a child to play safely! I can’t wait to participate in Mommy and Me programs, read and play together, and explore the parks and beaches in my town with my future child.

My Extended Family

I have a wonderfully large, close-knit, and boisterous family. There are over 20 of us (and growing) who all live near each other on the East Coast. My immediate family lives just a few minutes away from me. My entire family is so excited for me to adopt! Your child will be one of our most treasured blessings, and they can’t wait to have a new baby to dote on. We get together all the time for dinners, bbqs, and celebrations. My family loves to cook, so holidays and get-togethers always include lots of food, hugs, board games, and laughter.

Our family has an annual Christmas Eve tradition where I host and make many lasagnas. Other family members bring the appetizers, beverages, and dessert. After dinner, my family and I play games all evening, including a white elephant gift exchange with lots of deal making, gift swapping and jokes.

What Led Me To Adoption

Throughout my life, I’ve been privileged to see how love builds a family. I have several close friends who were adopted and have adopted children, and they have always expressed how special it is. The older I got, the more the idea of adoption grew in my heart. My biggest dream is to be a mother; I have always known children were meant to be a part of my life, and I can’t think of a greater joy than sharing my heart and life with a child. I have so much love to give and opportunities to provide. This has made me realize this is the right time to be a mom to a special little one.

more about Jenny

more about Jenny

Director, Clinical Operations
MBA in international business & finance
Thai, Italian
Reading, puzzles, board games, tennis, walking, hiking, travel
Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel movies
Favorite Tradition:
Family dinners
Tennis, basketball
Christmas Eve
Music Group:
U2, Pink
TV Show:
Stranger Things, Star Trek: The Next Generation
All Souls trilogy
Subject in School:
English, biology
Dream Vacation:
Australia/New Zealand

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