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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Washington

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

While I know this situation is difficult and requires reflection and love, I also know you are making your decision because you have a heart filled with love and caring. I want you to know that if you choose me, I will do my very best—no, more than my best—to give love, compassion, kindness, stability, consistency, guidance, and empathy to your baby. I will make sure your baby gets every opportunity available to them throughout their life. Your baby will be my number one priority because you and your baby deserve nothing less. I will be forever grateful to you for helping me become a parent. I won’t let you down.

Thank you for being able to work through this difficult decision. Thank you for considering allowing me to care for and love your baby. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will be forever grateful to you for helping me become a parent. I won’t let you down.


About Me

I wear many hats. I have a small farm in Washington State with chickens, ducks, and a goose named Harold. I primarily teach elementary-aged students, but I do hold workshops for sustainable living a few times a month at our local envirohouse. I love the ocean and spending time with my mom, who lives less than 15 minutes away. I enjoy helping my close friends with their homestead out on the peninsula. I spend time with another friend and her two young children, and we go on adventures together. I have a long-time partner who helps me with the farm too. I spend most of my days growing food on the property, caring for the many animals, and teaching at work. I lead a pretty easy life overall.

My Home & Pets

I have chickens, ducks, and Harold the goose. I also have cats, a dog named Minnie, and two Russian desert tortoises. I love all animals, big and small. I live on the edge of a city, so I have a 15-minute drive to downtown with all the culture and amenities possible. I am a 20-minute drive from the waterfront and a 30-minute drive to the mountains. I am so lucky to live where I do. My house is a two-bedroom, 123-year-old farm house. I live on 2.5 acres of farmland, forest, and wetlands. It is a magical place to be.

My Extended Family

Family is all of the folks I love to the moon and back. My mom and I are very close, and we live only 15 minutes away from each other. While my immediate family is very small, I have a large basketful of friends I consider family in my life. My longtime partner has been along for the ride for roughly 20 years, and that is a comfort. My best friend lives in Kansas and is one of the most important people in my life. I have a web of supportive close friends who are so excited for this new adventure I am embarking upon.

I also have a large extended family who live in Minnesota and Illinois. I come from a large Polish family, so there is always someone to help. I like to think that I am never alone in any situation; there is always someone in my life who is there for me. I truly appreciate that fact.

What Led Me To Adoption

Over the years, I have tried to conceive naturally and through IVF. When those methods were unsuccessful, I had to reflect on the issue. What became glaringly clear was that I really wanted the chance to raise a child, and that child didn’t need to come from me. I realized I wanted to have the opportunity to give all I have to another human in order to bring another kind, compassionate, empathetic, responsible person into our world. I am excited for the challenge and the responsibility of raising a person.

more about Jenny

more about Jenny

Master’s degree
East Indian
The Princess Bride
Favorite Tradition:
Cookies at Christmas
Earth Day
Music Group:
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
TV Show:
How I Met Your Mother
100 Years of Solitude
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:

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