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Family Type: Single Lesbian Woman
State I live in: Georgia

dear expectant mother

I love you with my whole heart. Wherever your baby lands in this world, whether in your arms, mine, or another’s, it will be because of your love. There isn’t a greater test to display that love than the choice that’s on your heart. This beautiful chain of love connects us together for life. Our chain is that sweet baby within you, and I am forever in awe of your power and grace.

As a mother, I look forward to learning and growing with our child while exploring, getting dirty, laughing, creating, dancing, cheering them on, and enjoying the countless small things that shape small humans into bigger ones. I cherish the opportunity to create new traditions and honor old ones, to remember our past and look on hopefully to our future. If you ask me what the future holds, it holds love.

There are infinite arms that could hold your child, and I love you for taking the time to read my few words. Whether this is our only interaction in this world or simply the first of a lifelong chain of messages, I am in your debt with gratitude. Know that your love and sacrifice will be returned exponentially as the greatest gift a mother can give.

As a mother, I look forward to learning and growing with our child while exploring, getting dirty, laughing, creating, dancing, cheering them on, and enjoying the countless small things that shape small humans into bigger ones.


About Me

Hi, I’m Kat! Or Katrina, but usually that’s for my parents and legal documents. I am lucky enough to get to work two different dream jobs: as a hairstylist in the film industry during the week and yoga teacher on weekends. I love to find the space to laugh, create, and exist within a community. One of my favorite pastimes is hosting Sunday dinner for whatever chosen family is in town and filling my home with good food and memories. I love to work with my hands, whether in my garden or little urban orchard, canning and preserving, knitting, painting, embroidering, or playing piano. I grew up getting to explore the arts, and it’s reflected in what I love as an adult. Both of my grandmothers were adventurers, so my wanderlust comes naturally in my desire to explore as much of this earth as I can.

My Home & Pets

I was a little late to home ownership, but I truly believed the perfect home was waiting for me to be ready for it. A large cleared lot in the city has manifested itself this year into a dwarf fruit tree orchard and more garden space than the square footage of my home. It’s modest in many ways yet so comfortable. My favorite spot outside of the gardens is the huge covered porch, which doubles as a second living, dining, and hammock space when it’s not being usurped for potting and painting projects. There’s plenty of space to run and frolic with my poodle, Fig. I’ve met many of my neighbors, and I love how diverse and supportive a community I’ve landed in!

My Extended Family

As the oldest of four siblings, I am so grateful for how much closer and committed we get every year. The greatest drive to get us all together is our niece from our sister and the desire to make her childhood as imaginative and special as ours was. Family means eating together on holidays and squeezing in all the traditions we took for granted when we all lived in the same state. Sometimes it’s getting together and canning up to 80 jars of jelly or simply spending time on the porch talking. My brothers are especially good uncles with their niece. My mother is especially excited at the thought of a new grandchild. We’ve worked hard to maintain or invent new traditions as we’ve dealt with the loss of most of our grandparents over the past three years. While change is hard, it’s brought us even closer.

I look forward to sharing all of the things that shaped me: picking fruit off of trees, learning how to dig in the dirt, the undervalued treasure that is making a muddy swimming pit, concerts, music, creating, and so much more.

Part of my formative years were surrounded by friends who were positively impacted by adoption. Growing up and seeing families that can look physically different, I was able to translate that to the fact that family love is far beyond outward characteristics. It was those families that were the most loving, giving, and accepting. They solidified the desire to adopt, even from a very young age, which is especially reaffirming to a young girl who envisioned a different path than the norm.

more about Kat

more about Kat

Film & TV hairstylist
Associates, cosmetology school
Urban homesteading
Life Is Beautiful
Favorite Tradition:
Jelly making
Drum Corps
Music Group:
MC Yogi
TV Show:
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
The Art of Vinyasa
Subject in School:
Ancient world history
Dream Vacation:

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