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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Florida

dear expectant mother

During this time of uncertainty, I wish for you to know that you are strong and brave. Knowing that you are spending so much time and effort deciding what is best for your child shows that you are putting a lot of thought and love into such a big decision.

I hope your child gets to see the world and all the wonderful things it holds. If you choose me, I want them to see that people are different, not wrong or bad, and those differences should be celebrated. I believe caring for wildlife and the environment should be a daily goal to help make a difference, no matter how small. If I am lucky enough to raise your child, I plan to love them for who they are and will be, not what I think they should be. Laughter, exploring, curiosity, questioning, and openness will be encouraged and modeled. Skills like being thoughtful, having manners, and being a good friend will be held in the utmost importance in our home.

You are a part of your child’s journey and will always be spoken of and remembered for your love, bravery, and strength. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I wish you nothing but peace in the decision you are about to make.

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You are a part of your child’s journey and will always be spoken of and remembered for your love, bravery, and strength.


About Me

I am an elementary teacher who has been teaching for 19 years and has taught in Florida and in international schools. Working with children brings me so much joy, especially keeping in touch with their families to watch former students grow into the people they will become and seeing their amazing accomplishments. Trying new foods is a highlight of any outing! Traveling, experiencing new cultures, and going on any adventure is something I enjoy. In my free time, I coach basketball, see Broadway musicals, and watch movies. I love going to Disney and visiting all of the Disney parks around the world is a fun goal I am working towards. My dog and I take daily walks around the lakes near our home and are always on the lookout for wildlife.

My Home & Pets

My dog, Jesse, is a collie/Australian shepherd mix, who loves giving kisses, being around people (especially kids), and going on road trips. We walk daily around the beautiful lake in the condo community we live in to see turtles, ducklings, rabbits, and fish. We live in a quiet neighborhood that is close to shops and restaurants. My house isn’t too far from Disney so it’s easy to hop on over to visit Mickey! The warm, sunny weather is great for being outside and enjoying nature.

My Extended Family

My family loves to gather for holidays and celebrations. We cook together and gather around sharing stories and a good meal. I am close to my mom, who came to visit the different countries I lived in, and we travel all over together. Instead of gifts at birthdays and holidays, my mom and I usually give gifts of time doing something together, like seeing a Broadway musical or taking a trip together. I am an only child but come from a larger extended family.

Many of my friends have become extended family members. I have a nine-year-old goddaughter I love spending time with. Most of my loved ones can be convinced into wearing matching shirts or outfits with me to go to Disney or celebrate a fun event. Even my dog joins in the dressing up fun!

What Led Me To Adoption

I have known for many years that I wanted to adopt, and now is the right time to make my dream happen. Being an elementary teacher has allowed me to love and work with so many children. I am ready to have my time and energy on my own child and create memories with them every day. There is nothing better than seeing a child experience something for the first time. Having the opportunity to show new places and things to a child will make all adventures more meaningful. I have always wanted to be a mother and can’t wait for the day when my dream comes true. I can’t wait to complete my family and pass on family traditions.

more about Katie

more about Katie

BA in Education and MS in Education Leadership
Nachos, tacos
Traveling, coaching basketball, wildlife photography
Star Wars, Monsters Inc.
Favorite Tradition:
Decorating for Christmas together
Music Group:
Broadway musical soundtracks
TV Show:
Gilmore Girls, Friends, The Big Bang Theory
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:
New Zealand

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