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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Oklahoma

dear expectant mother

Thank you for loving your baby so much that you are willing to consider the brave and selfless act of adoption. I am not going to pretend to comprehend the complex feelings you are actually going through with this process. I hope you find peace in this plan for your child.

Please know I will be forever grateful to you for this gift if you choose me. I have prayed for a chance to become a mom for many years. It is because of your courage that I may be given the opportunity to become a mother. You would be a true miracle to me, and I would not take this honor lightly. I can assure you that I will love your baby beyond measure. I will do everything in my power to raise your baby into someone you will be proud of. I am eager to provide a life full of love, hope, and adventure by passing along to them all the life lessons my mama taught me throughout my life.

Thank you for considering me and hopefully allowing me to share all I have with your child.

Respectfully and with love,

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I have prayed for a chance to become a mom for many years. It is because of your courage that I may be given the opportunity to become a mother.


About Me

I am a lively, outgoing, hardworking, compassionate, loyal, dependable, generous person with a good sense of humor. I am from a big family; I am very close to my brothers and sisters as well as my nephews and nieces. I love to travel and to go to museums, parks, aquariums, and festivals. I enjoy hiking, cooking, watching shows, trying new cuisine, and spending time with my family and friends. As a medical specialist, I have gained a tremendous education about children, their development, their mental and physical health, and how to manage different trials and tribulations in their lives. I am fully capable of giving the most genuine, nurturing, loving, and encouraging love to a child as I have taken care of my nieces and nephews for years. Through my job, I have gained experience in interacting with several personalities that require positive communication and supportive skills. I have a strong love of education, family, women’s rights, and equity.

My Home

I live in a safe, quiet, family-oriented neighborhood with a good school district. My neighborhood has families with young children who play together. I love to relax and unwind at my house. I love to cook, and my kitchen is my favorite place in my home. My house is my safe haven to recharge my battery and have quality time with myself and my family. To prepare for my child coming soon, I bought a bigger home: a four-bedroom house with a large backyard so that I can add a swing, trampoline, and small playground station. There are parks, museums, libraries, a zoo, and trails all close by.

My Extended Family

I am originally from Central African Republic. I am from a polygamous and very large family. My father is married to three wives and has 26 children. Thus, I used to have three moms. Mama, my biological mom, has eight children, and I am her seventh child. I am very close to my sister and brother. My siblings are spread throughout the U.S., Europe, and Central African Republic. We do video group calls every weekend. I have several cousins who live nearby and in neighboring states.

We gather for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year: We cook Central African and American dishes, and we chat until we cannot chat anymore. We play cards and watch movies and shows together. All grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins are waiting to meet my child and surround them with love.

What Led Me To Adoption

I am very close to my family, so I have always aspired to raise a big family of my own. Life is full of surprises. I thought that by this time I would be married with at least three or four children, but life had a different plan for me. I have tried to conceive for eight years, going through miscarriages and failed IVF. Even after these fertility issues, I have been determined to be a mother. One of my best friends is adopted, and she has two wonderful mothers; she is very close to both of them. I came to the realization that I do not have to give birth to a child in order to be a mom who loves her child unconditionally.

more about Nana

more about Nana

Medical specialist
African American
Graduate studies
Cassava leaves
Pretty Woman
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Talking to my sisters every day
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Cendres dans le Vent, Becoming
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