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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Michigan

dear expectant mother

First, I want to thank you for considering me as a possible parent for your child. I cannot begin to understand the strength and courage you are showing while you are making this decision. I truly feel honored to be considered, and I simply cannot put into words how much of a blessing this would be. I want you to feel confident and comfortable choosing me as a parent for your child.

I would love to be able to sing to your baby and read a book to them before bed. I want to take them to school, help them learn to read, teach them to ride a bike, and explore their creativity with whatever craft or project they like best. I hope to take your child on adventures to the petting farm and the library, and to take your child on trips to see the country and the world.

I hope I can make such an important decision easier for you by telling you how much I and my family will love, protect, and cherish your baby if you choose me. My gratitude and respect for you are immeasurable. I wish you peace and strength with whatever decision you make, and I am here for you if you would like me to be.

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I hope I can make such an important decision easier for you by telling you how much I and my family will love, protect, and cherish your baby if you choose me.


About Me

I work at an insurance agency, and have for almost a decade now. I enjoy being able to help people, and I love the opportunities my job provides to learn new things and meet a wide variety of people. When the weather is nice, I enjoy kayaking at one of the nearby lakes, going to the zoo, or to one of the local apple orchards with friends. I spend a lot of my free time reading. I don't have a specific genre I stick to, with my book collection ranging from romance novels to history to comic books. I enjoy crafting- I dabble at a lot of different things, like sewing, painting, and scrapbooking, and lately I have been trying to work on cross stitch and embroidery. I enjoy playing cards and games with friends and family on the weekends.

My Home

My home is located in a quiet subdivision within a beautiful, family-centered community. In the summertime, I love seeing my neighbors walking around and enjoying the day. I live within walking distance of my amazing parents. When the weather is nice, I am able to walk to their house from my home to enjoy a delicious, homemade family dinner together. I live in a community that offers so many family-oriented activities. There is a local community pool that I love to spend warm summer days relaxing at. I also enjoy spending time exploring the local farmers market and finding fresh vegetables to enjoy. I also am lucky to live within walking distance to a fantastic elementary school.

My Extended Family

I grew up with my loving, close-knit family consisting of my mother, father, and younger brother. Growing up, we enjoyed adventuring up north to the little house my grandparents had in the woods for countless sleepovers and endless fun! I love when the weather is warmer, we get together and relax by my aunt's pool. When it's colder, we usually are inside enjoying game nights and each other’s company.

One of my favorite family activities I enjoy is our crafting weekends! My mom, aunts, and cousins will all get together to work on a variety of crafts. I cannot wait to share these handmade-with-love items with the baby and hopefully include them someday. My mom is working on making the baby a warm, fluffy quilt like I still have from when I was a baby!

We have a lot of family traditions, but the most meaningful ones to me take place at Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Dad’s side of the family gets together for a formal dinner. With Mom's family, the details aren’t quite as important so long as we are able to spend time together. I cannot wait to share these special moments and experiences I love and cherish with a child some day.

What Led Me To Adoption

Although I was unable to have a child on my own, I have been able to see the incredible gift adoption can provide through the experiences of close friends. I was blessed with an amazing family and support system, and have wanted to share that with a child of my own since I was very young. Now I am ready to provide your child with every opportunity that I possibly can, while offering the safety and security I was provided growing up.

more about Nicole

more about Nicole

Insurance agent
Bachelor of Business Administration
Pizza, ice cream
Reading, crafting
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Favorite Tradition:
Christmas, Thanksgiving
Music Group:
Boston Pops Orchestra
TV Show:
Good Bones, Home Town
Life Is Beautiful · Roberto Benigni
Subject in School:
English, history
Dream Vacation:

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