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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Tennessee

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I can only imagine how difficult this process is for you and all the thoughts and feelings you’ve gone through and are still going through to take this very important decision, not only for your life but for this new baby’s life.

In my eyes, you are the bravest woman because you are putting the life and well being of the baby first. You are willing to take care of yourself for nine months so he or she can be born healthy and can have the opportunity to be part of a family that is going to love him or her and raise him or her like their own.

The opportunity you’re considering giving someone to be a parent is a gift without comparison, and I don’t have the words to thank you enough for considering me. People like me, without the chance to have a child on their own but with the desire for it, are so grateful for women like you, with a big selfless heart, to help us fulfill our dreams. May God bless you and continue guiding you on the rest of your path.

People like me, without the chance to have a child on their own but with the desire for it, are so grateful for women like you, with a big selfless heart, to help us fulfill our dreams.


About Me

I think of myself as a very friendly, loyal, goal-driven person who’s most important things in life are family and friends. I left my parents’ house when I was 22, but I’ve never been alone. I know my family’s prayers have helped me to always have angels around me. My cousins are an essential part of my life; in every important situation, we are always there for each other. I’ve been at the same job for eight years now, with great bosses who trust me because they know I’ll do my best in every situation. I really enjoy being at home; mowing the grass relaxes me a lot and also spending time with my dogs. Camping and kayaking with my friends are also some of the activities I enjoy a lot.

My Home & Pets

My house is my dream house. What I love the most about it is watching the most beautiful sunsets on my back porch in the evenings. But it’s also part of a safe area and a good school district, and I have the necessary retail stores but also a little bit of the country. The backyard is fenced in so my dogs can play. I have two dogs. My terrier mix, named Cali, has been with me since she was three weeks old. She has lived with me through good and bad moments. Kody is a 90-pound two-year-old shepherd mix who’s the sweetest but also full of energy. We all three enjoy getting on the couch and watching TV on Sunday afternoons.

My Extended Family

I’m the oldest of two daughters. My parents and sister still live in my home country, but distance has only helped us to love each other more and enjoy every minute we can be together when we visit. We talk at least every other day via FaceTime and share how everything is going in our lives. Most of my family on my dad’s side is in El Salvador as well, but I have my uncle, aunts, and cousins from my mom’s side in California.

Here in Tennessee, I have three cousins, and even though we are not blood related, we grew up together and share as many occasions as we can, like Christmas, kids’ recitals, Easter, birthdays, camping, or just a simple lunchtime or Saturday afternoon.

My family is very important to me and is part of the reason I am who I am. We all know we can count on each other. It doesn’t matter if we live far away from each other, if we are not blood related, or if we only see each other once a year for a couple of days; we know love keeps us together.

What Led Me To Adoption

Eleven years ago, I met three of the most important people in my life. I had a relationship, and my partner already had three children, who were 12, 6, and 4. Since I had the opportunity to have those angels as part of my life, I knew I wanted to be a mom. We didn’t work out as a couple, but I was lucky enough to always be part of the kids’ lives. Unfortunately, I had to have a full hysterectomy done a couple years later, making it impossible to have biological children. But I had already learned that a child doesn’t have to have your blood to love them like your own. That’s how I knew adopting was part of my path.

more about Raquel

more about Raquel

Operations manager
Some college
DIY stuff at home
Notting Hill
Favorite Tradition:
Camping with my cousins on Labor Day weekend
Music Group:
TV Show:
Cien Años de Soledad
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