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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Illinois

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

It is hard for me to find the words to express how brave you are and how in awe I am of your selflessness as you consider an adoption plan. Although I will never truly understand how you feel right now, know that if you choose me, I will dedicate my life to making your baby feel unconditionally loved, accepted, and protected. As your baby grows, I will share with them how much love and courage it took to make this sacrifice and how I will never take that for granted.

Although I can’t match your sacrifice, I promise your baby will have a life full of happiness, opportunity, stability, education, and so much love. He or she will be given space to develop their unique personality while also being supported by friends and family who will treasure them and give them a sense of security and confidence. I feel ready and equipped to handle the joys and challenges parenthood brings. I will work to raise a loving, thoughtful, confident child who loves to laugh and knows they are special, capable, and never alone.

I can’t thank you enough for considering me as a prospective parent and can’t wait to begin this journey with you. I look forward to getting to know you and learning about your hopes and dreams. Although there are no words to express my level of gratefulness, I will honor your gift by ensuring your baby always knows they are loved, safe, and valued.

With love,

It is hard for me to find the words to express how brave you are and how in awe I am of your selflessness as you consider an adoption plan.


About Me

I am a compassionate, independent, caring woman who loves to laugh and give hugs. I grew up in Michigan but moved to a suburban town in Illinois after I finished school. I am a child psychologist and proud owner of my own practice, where I get to help children and their families heal and grow each day. I love my job and feel passionate about helping children heal their emotional wounds and develop self-love and confidence. I love to sing, play the guitar, and tap dance. I also enjoy attending sporting events, concerts, and theater productions. I value being active, so I frequently go on walks, hike at parks, and lift weights at the gym. My parents live close by, so I get to regularly spend time with them along with an amazing circle of friends. We spend many nights playing games, talking about life, and laughing until our stomachs hurt.

My Home & Pets

I recently bought my dream home, and I love every inch of it. It has three bedrooms, a fireplace, and two beautiful parks just steps away from my front door. I have two cats who are extremely friendly and provide lots of entertainment and snuggles. My home is in a wonderful neighborhood where kids are always playing and neighbors are like family. The two parks that surround my home have playgrounds, basketball courts, a baseball diamond, and walking paths. The school district that I am in is wonderful and ranked 11th in the state and 56th in the entire country. The nearby train station is an easy way to take a trip to Chicago, where there are many fun attractions, including museums, zoos, and theaters.

My Extended Family

Although I am an only child, family is a huge part of my life. I speak with my parents on a daily basis and have dinner with them every Sunday, after which we play games, play ping-pong, or just relax and watch TV. My parents are so excited to be grandparents and would shower your baby with love and support. My family has many traditions, such as putting up the Christmas tree while watching the movie White Christmas, going to a huge stadium filled with energetic fans to watch football games at my college, or going on vacations and getting to enjoy different cultures and activities. I anticipate continuing these traditions along with creating new ones with my growing family.

I have a large extended family spread throughout the country. Each summer, we get together for a fun-filled family reunion that involves lots of swimming, boating, and eating tons of food. In addition, technology has allowed me to stay close to my cousins as we have a weekly Zoom call where we spend hours just talking and laughing. All of my extended family members are supportive of my plan to adopt and can’t wait to welcome your baby into the family.

What Led Me To Adoption

I am blessed to be able to work with my clients every day and call each one “my kid” as I develop such love for them while helping them to heal and flourish. Despite having these “kids,” I always knew in my heart I was meant to be a mother and dreamed of having my own child someday. After several failed IVF attempts, I suddenly knew in my heart that my path to motherhood would be through adoption. Having taught at orphanages and also having several friends with adopted children, I just knew this was how I could find the baby I would love with all of my heart and dedicate my life to making him or her feel loved, protected, and valued.

more about Shantelle

more about Shantelle

Child psychologist
Doctorate in clinical psychology
PB and J and sushi (not at the same time)
Singing, playing guitar/piano, tap dancing, weight lifting
Steel Magnolias, The Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Tradition:
Sunday dinner and game playing with family
Football, running
Music Group:
Sarah Bareilles, any Broadway show
TV Show:
The Office, Grey’s Anatomy
Eat, Pray, Love and Untamed
Subject in School:
Math, band
Dream Vacation:
Tour of Ireland to visit my fellow redheads

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