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Family Type: Single Bisexual Woman
State I live in: Ohio

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

You are the bravest person in the world! I so admire your strength and courage as you explore this adoption decision. Know that no matter what you choose, you are loved. I truly wish the best for you, not only throughout this process but in life and in your happiness.

Please know I would be deeply honored to raise and care for your child, if that is what you choose. They will be incredibly loved and cherished, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends, and raised to be a good person who loves and respects people of all races, creeds, genders, and more. Hate of any kind has no room in this family. I promise to raise them with a kind heart, where they are free to explore the world around them, learn about and experience all cultures, and genuinely share an appreciation for life.

You will always be a part of your child’s life, and I would love your child to grow up knowing you with as much or as little contact as you would prefer. I would be happy to get to know you better and am eagerly awaiting for us to connect.

Much love and many hugs to you!

You will always be a part of your child’s life, and I would love your child to grow up knowing you with as much or as little contact as you would prefer.


About Me

Growing up with a love for all things Inspector Gadget and crime stories, I pursued a career in digital forensics and cybersecurity. Every day is like solving a new, complicated puzzle. Outside of work, I enjoy playing with my two dogs, who have a couple acres of land to play on in the country. When the dogs are napping, I can be found reading a crime novel, crocheting, playing Pokémon Go, or catching up on the latest Netflix special—sometimes all at the same time! I love traveling the world and try to plan for at least one vacation somewhere outside of Ohio each year. Some years that is a trip to the beach, and other years it is a cruise to Greece or a flight Down Under to snuggle with the koalas.

My Home & Pets

My home is located in the country next to my parents’ small farm of goats, chickens, roosters, and ducks. It is a quiet community and yet only a quick drive to bigger neighboring cities. I have two dogs, akitas named Zeus and Piper. Zeus is my oldest and only has one eye! Piper is my youngest, and she’s a long-coated akita with unbelievably soft fur. I lovingly call them my “bears.” The school district is a connected, close-knit community with a drive for education, sports, and mental health. Within an hour or two drive, there are many caves and caverns to explore, which is usually where I like to spend time in the summer and fall months.

My Extended Family

I am the oldest of three biological siblings, having one younger sister and one younger brother. I also have two older step-brothers on my dad’s side and two younger step-brothers on my mom’s side, although we grew up mostly as just the three of us. My sister is married and has two sons, one daughter, and two step-daughters, and the kids love to spend time with their Aunt Stacey as often as they can. My brother, sister, and I talk often, usually through a wild group chat, and try to meet up every few months. My dad and stepmom became legal guardians of one of my nephews (step-brother’s son) when he was a baby, so he was essentially raised as a sibling and we lovingly refer to him as our “brephew” (brother-nephew).

My family loves to go out to eat for birthdays and holidays. For big events, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, we usually break out some kind of board or card games and have a hilarious time competing against each other. Games of choice in recent years have been Pit, Left Right Center, Phase 10, and Telestrations.

What Led Me To Adoption

When I was a kid, my parents fostered many infants. I loved coming home from school to see that we had a new baby for a while. As I grew older and wanted to become a mom, life threw a few extra curveballs at me, and I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant and carry my own baby. After a stubborn 15 years of trying anyway, I am excited to adopt! I am hopeful this will only be my first adoption experience, not the last.

more about Stacey

more about Stacey

Cybersecurity, digital forensics
B.S. Computer Forensics, A.A.S. Forensic Science
Mexican, sushi
Crochet, reading
E.T., Finding Nemo, Inception
Favorite Tradition:
Birthday dinners with family
Baseball, football
St. Patrick’s Day
Music Group:
Hozier, Incubus, Linkin Park
TV Show:
Schitt’s Creek, The Last Kingdom
Acceptable Risk, Dark Matter
Subject in School:
Biology, crime scene investigations
Dream Vacation:
Ireland, Norway (Northern Lights)

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