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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: South Carolina

dear expectant mother

I want to thank you for taking the time to consider me as the adoptive mother of your child. Thank you for your bravery as you walk through this journey with your baby. I am so passionate about raising a child in a way that helps him or her develop their passions and abilities as I feel every child has wonderful gifts to uncover and embrace. I enjoy helping children discover these parts of themselves and using these natural gifts to reach their full potential. While I am excited to share my own personal family with a child, I am also passionate about that child understanding their heritage, history, and past and, in doing so, honoring you in their unfolding story.

I want to assure you that you’d be giving a gift of loving a child in a way I have not yet had the opportunity to experience. I will love and adore your child and honor you as their birthmother. I know it’s a privilege to adopt a child, and not only have I prepared my home but I’ve been preparing my heart to love this gift of yours. It will be my exceptional honor to raise this child and love them with all of my heart. I will love this child as my own with a passionate love that I hold inside for this purpose, and I pledge to you to always protect them in all circumstances through life and whatever story unfolds for them.

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I am so passionate about raising a child in a way that helps him or her develop their passions and abilities as I feel every child has wonderful gifts to uncover and embrace.


About Me

Hi, I’m Suzy. I’m a licensed professional counselor. I own a private therapy practice where I work with numerous other therapists. I work specifically with children and families and have for the better part of my career. I genuinely love people and spend my time with friends and family outside of work. Many times you can find me at my home working in the backyard or playing with my dogs. I consider myself a very ambitious, successful, and funny woman. I know when to be serious and when it’s time to let my hair down and laugh. Family is important to me and is a valuable part of my life. When I relax, I tend to be taking in the outdoors, cooking, or baking. I consider myself very fortunate, and I’m so grateful and thankful for the life given to me. I look forward to sharing it with a child.

My Home & Pets

My four-bedroom house is on ten wooded acres, but my home sits on that land and is much more: It’s a special, friendly, and safe place. Located near regional cities and close to multiple parks, playgrounds, and numerous activities, my home—both inside and out—has tremendous space for fun and adventure for a child. I envision the spots to place a swing set, basketball hoop, or soccer goal or where I can create space for any other interest to have endless fun imagining and exploring. I have three dogs: a Boston terrier mix, a Labradoodle, and a great pyrenees mix. They are friendly toward children and have been used as therapy dogs occasionally. I also raise Holland lop bunnies, which captivate anyone who holds them. I recently added 2 goats that would rather eat animal crackers than the grass around them.

My Extended Family

My family is excited to share this journey with me. My mother and father are such a tremendous source of support and love. I’m happy to say that they’ve already purchased property next door to my property and are starting to build a home in which to entertain our extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, and now grandchildren. They are a big part of my life, and my mother and I have long wished to be together with a child of mine. Now that time can be easily had with a short walk.

My other family members throughout the U.S. are equally excited to welcome a new child into our family, and many of them have already planned trips to visit during the holidays, when some of our favorite traditions are baking and cooking together and playing games as a family.

What Led Me To Adoption

Adoption has always been on my heart since I was a young child. This desire has increased as I work with families with children adopted from many different backgrounds. I was introduced to adoption through my extended family. Some of my cousins were adopted, and I can see how happy and well-adjusted everyone is. I feel my personal and professional passions have joined together to give me strong love for adding a child to my home. I have accomplished so many things in life, but I still feel drawn to share the love I have with a child.

more about Suzy

more about Suzy

Professional counselor
MA in Counseling, MA in Intercultural Studies
Raising bunnies, hiking
Good Will Hunting
Favorite Tradition:
Baking cookies
Swimming, watching football
Music Group:
Miranda Lambert
TV Show:
The Big Bang Theory
The Tao of Pooh
Subject in School:
Dream Vacation:

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