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Family Type: Single Heterosexual Woman
State I live in: Colorado

dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for considering me to raise your baby. I promise to honor you by loving, caring for, and nurturing the child you bring into this world. Please know that I will do my absolute best to raise this little one to be a person who knows they are loved by two moms. With any level you are comfortable with, I would love for your baby to know her roots, including you and your family.

I used to think there actually was a parenting manual. I would question some of my own mom’s answers, and she would tell me, “It’s in the mothers handbook, page 143.” I think she used page 143 at least 50 times during my childhood! It wasn’t until I was a lot older that I realized there is no handbook and no perfect way of being a parent. I have no doubt there will be times when I mess up as a mom. However, I will not be the type of parent who can’t admit that to their child; I will choose to be the type of mom who can say, “I messed up. Please forgive me.” I had a phenomenal mom as an example of what unconditional love and support look like and am so fortunate that I can provide this type of foundation to your baby, if you choose me.

I am so grateful for you and your consideration of me to raise your child. If chosen, I will use my life honoring the decision you made to give this child life!


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I am so grateful for you and your consideration of me to raise your child. If chosen, I will use my life honoring the decision you made to give this child life!


About Me

Hi there! My name is Tiffany, and I am so looking forward to getting to know one another! I am an extrovert and really enjoy meeting new people. I work as a registered nurse and health coach, and have loved working in both areas for many years. I have worked with kids and adults (by far, kids are my favorite!). I enjoy being outside, hiking, taking walks, going on adventures, exploring Colorado, and traveling. My day to day routine includes morning devotional time and some form of exercise, then I work as a nurse health coach from home. I enjoy cooking meals, and usually keep my evenings flexible. I am close with my family, and whenever possible, we get together for a meal or game night.

My Home

I moved into my home about 1.5 years ago. I live in a great suburb of Colorado and am thankful to have a neighborhood full of young families as well as grandparents. My mom also lives just 2 blocks away! There are 2 schools down the street from me as well as multiple lakes and community centers to create fun memories. The mountains are close by to hike, and there are walking trails everywhere. My 3 sisters live within 30 minutes of me, and my other extended family live within driving distance. I absolutely love living in Colorado!

My Extended Family

I am fortunate to live in a place where I have so much family and friend support. I have my mom, 3 older sisters, an aunt and uncle, and 4 cousins and their families who all live within driving distance. I also have several close friends, whom I have known for years, living close by. I am really close to my mom (who is ecstatic to be a grandma!), as well as one of my sisters.

Growing up, I was super close to my cousins, who now live in Colorado. We traveled together and had a relationship more like siblings. Even today, I often end up calling one of them my younger sister instead of my cousin! I get together regularly with at least 1-2 of my cousins and their families. It might be for a meal or game night, or to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas, but always with a lot of laughter and love!

What Led Me To Adoption

Since I was a child, God put the dream in me that I would someday adopt. Unlike a lot of my friends, who had a deep desire to grow their family biologically, that desire was never on my dream board. Adoption has always been my first choice to create a family, and although this is my first adoption, I have several adopted family members as well as several close friends who have multiple adopted children.

more about Tiffany

more about Tiffany

Registered Nurse, Health Coach
Paint by number, Social dancing
Anything Madea, especially the plays
Favorite Tradition:
Christmas Eve with family
Basketball, football
Music Group:
Elevation, Tauren Wells
TV Show:
Married to Real Estate
Subject in School:
English, anatomy
Dream Vacation:
Trip around the world

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