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Placing a Baby for Adoption in Iowa (IA)

We are all faced with important decisions in life. Considering adoption is one of those decisions. If you don’t feel ready to parent, for whatever reason, adoption is a valid and responsible option.

When you create an adoption plan with LifeLong Adoptions, you can:

  • ...explore adoption in a safe environment.
  • in total control of your entire adoption process.
  • ...choose from hundreds of safe and loving families.
  • ...connect with an adoption professional in Iowa.
  • ...get financial assistance and counseling.
  • ...stay in contact with the family and your child.

Creating Your Iowa Adoption Plan

Our caring and compassionate adoption coordinators would be honored to help you. Our goal is for you to make the best choice for you and your child, whatever you ultimately choose. If you decide to create an adoption plan, the entire process will move at your comfort level. We’ll start by asking you some questions to learn about what you’re looking for in your adoption. Then, we’ll hand-pick a selection of families that fit your preferences. You can choose to communicate with as many as you’d like in order to find the perfect family for you. Once you’ve chosen a family, we’ll connect you with an adoption professional in Iowa, who will work with you to inform you of Iowa adoption laws and what sort of financial assistance and other support you’re qualified to receive as a potential birthmother.

We’ll continue to work with you, be there for you, and support you however we can as long as you’d like us to. Always remember, with us, there is no rush, pressure, or judgment, and you’re free to change your mind at any point up until the final adoption papers are signed.

Waiting Families

Placing Your Baby For Adoption in Iowa is a Loving Decision

Raising a child is tough, even for the most prepared parents. It requires a lifelong commitment, adequate financial means, emotional stability, a safe environment, and much more. If you’re not ready to take on this responsibility, adoption is an option.

Choosing adoption for your child shows you have strong maternal feelings and love for them. It means you love them enough to be able to place their needs above your own. With adoption, you are making a conscious decision for your child’s future and actively choosing the kind of life they will have.

Here are some common reasons a woman might choose adoption for their child:

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    She doesn’t feel ready to be a parent.

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    Her living situation is not safe or stable.

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    She feels too young or immature to care for a baby.

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    The biological father is not involved and she does not want to be a single parent.

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    She does not have the financial resources to raise a baby.

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    She already has a child or children and cannot provide for another.

Benefits of Placing Your Baby For Adoption in Iowa

Adoption is one of the most selfless and loving gifts you can give, both for your child and for a hopeful adoptive family. For your child, adoption can provide the following and so much more:

  • Icon Support

    Unconditional love and support

  • Icon House

    A safe and stable home life

  • Icon Cap

    A quality education

  • Icon Parents

    Emotionally prepared parents

  • Icon Security

    Financial security

  • Icon Baby

    Many opportunities for a happy and fulfilling life

  • Icon Family

    Loving relatives and grandparents

  • Icon Stethoscope

    Medical, dental, and vision care

Adoption Statistics

Statistically, children who were adopted thrive just as well as children who were not adopted.

Of all parents who adopted privately:

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    79% have an education level beyond high school

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    31% work full-time and 37% have another type of work schedule

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    83% have a household income above 100% poverty level

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    52% chose to adopt because they are unable to have a biological child

  • heart-icon

    93% said they "definitely" would make the same decision to adopt again

Of all children adopted privately:

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    48% are the only child in their household

  • heart-icon

    68% are more likely to be read to

  • heart-icon

    73% are more likely to be sung to or told stories every day

  • heart-icon

    85% are more likely to participate in extracurricular activities

  • heart-icon

    21% are of a different race, culture, or ethnicity than both their adoptive parent(s)

Questions about Adoption in Iowa

No matter what your reasons for pursuing adoption are, you can create an adoption plan for your child. Our coordinators will be happy to help you find the perfect family and get you all the support and resources you need.

To create an adoption plan, you can choose the type of adoption you want to have and you get to choose the adoptive family. We’ll connect you with an adoption professional in your area who will help you get financial assistance, counseling, and other support.

Many of our families are open to adopting an older child and even sibling sets. No matter how old your child is, just contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help you.

If you’re pregnant and it wasn’t planned, you’re more than likely experiencing lots of emotions. If you don’t feel ready to parent — for any reason — you can make the brave, strong, and selfless choice to create an adoption plan for your baby.

If you’re in labor or have already given birth, it’s not too late to make an adoption plan. Just contact us — anytime, day or night — and our coordinators will work quickly to get a family to the hospital within hours to be with your baby.

Wherever you are in Iowa, we can help.

Call, text, or chat anytime, day or night: 224-410-0522

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