Leah & Ben

Leah and Ben our adoption story

The Road to Adoption

We made the decision to adopt a baby after several years of trying to conceive naturally. We knew early on that it would be challenging for us as Leah had been diagnosed with PCOS. After exploring various options, we felt adoption was the perfect way to expand our family. We had witnessed the joy adoption had brought to our loved ones, and we couldn’t think of a better path for us.

When it came to choosing an adoption agency, LifeLong Adoptions stood out to us. It seemed to appear every time we searched for adoption resources, which gave us a sense of confidence. Right from the beginning, the staff at LifeLong welcomed us with open arms and filled us with hope.

Finding Hope

As we embarked on our adoption journey, we were overwhelmed with a mix of emotions. The paperwork, questions, and financial commitments added to our worries, but the excitement of becoming parents never waned. We held on to that hope throughout the process.

Our decision to adopt was met with an outpouring of love and support from our friends and family. Having such an incredible support system meant the world to us and gave us strength during the challenging moments.

Unfortunately, we didn't have the opportunity to meet our baby’s birthmother in person, as we had a closed adoption based on her wishes. Although we didn’t have direct contact, we respected her decision and felt grateful for the chance to welcome our son into our lives.

“Adoption is hard, but your rainbow will come.”
-Leah & Ben
The Call

Receiving the call that our baby had been born brought a whirlwind of emotions. It was a moment of shock and overwhelming joy. We had experienced a heartbreaking disruption before, so this news filled us with renewed hope and happiness. Despite the wait to meet him, our hearts were already bursting with anticipation.

Finally meeting our baby was an indescribable experience. The moment we held him in our arms, we felt an overwhelming sense of joy and completeness. It was as if all the challenges and uncertainties we had faced had led us to this precious child.

Currently, our relationship with our baby's birthmother is closed. We understand that each adoption journey is unique. We are grateful for the gift of our son and the opportunity to be his parents.

The Rainbow

Throughout the adoption process, the waiting period was undoubtedly the biggest challenge we faced. It tested our patience and emotional resilience. We relied on prayer and sought guidance from the LifeLong Adoptions staff. Their support and knowledge helped us navigate the ups and downs of the journey.

We would absolutely choose adoption again in a heartbeat. Our son has brought immeasurable joy into our lives, and we can't imagine our family without him. To other potential adoptive parents, we encourage you to hold on during the wait, believing that your own rainbow will come. Adoption may present challenges, but the rewards are beyond measure.

Our advice is to embrace the unexpected twists and turns that may arise along the journey. Every heartbreak and victory is part of your unique story. Despite the challenges, the moment you hold your baby in your arms, all the waiting and hardships become worth it. We are forever grateful that our path to parenthood led us to our precious little boy.


Whether an LGBT couple, traditional parents or a single individual, we believe every child deserves a LifeLong family.
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