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Adoption and Genetics

Adoption and Genetics

When people talk about adoption and genetics, the topic of nature versus nurture is sure to come up. Nature versus nurture is a psychological debate about the extent to which a person inherits certain behaviors and characteristics through genetics (nature) and their environment (nurture). Arguments exist for both sides, but many believe an individual is shaped by a combination of both.

The nature versus nurture debate has an interesting connection to adoption. Adopted children receive genetic characteristics and behaviors from their birthparents, but they learn other characteristics and behaviors from their adoptive family as they grow up. As a result, an adopted child usually demonstrates characteristics and behaviors that are a reflection of both their genetics and their environment.

Adoption is a great example of how significant the influence a child’s environment can have on them. Overwhelming evidence shows that growing up in a loving and stable home can have a positive impact on the behavior and development of a child, adopted or biological.

Yes, your child will share a significant number of characteristics with his or her biological parents, but you will be raising this child. The environment you provide them with will have a profound effect on how they act, their morals, their values, and the person they become.

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