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Create an Adoption Blog

Create an Adoption Blog

Thanks to modern technology, prospective adoptive parents have quite a few options when it comes to ways to find and introduce themselves to expectant women who are considering placing their child for adoption. One of those options is an adoption blog.

Why a Blog?

Choosing to create a blog has a number of benefits, and in some cases can help a birthmother find you faster. What makes a blog such a great option?

  • Showcase Your Creativity - Unlike social media, where you only have so much leeway when it comes to changing the appearance of the page, blogs have much more room for you to show off your creative spirit. You can change the color scheme, layout, and overall theme of the blog to fit the atmosphere you wish to create.
  • Let Your Personality Shine - Because a blog is a longform style of website, you can show birthmothers who you really are. If you’re a shutterbug, that may mean a bunch of colorful photos with clever captions, or if you’re good with words, it might mean you write longer posts explaining what your family has been up to.
  • Create Memories - Long after your adoption has been completed, the blog can serve as a sort of digital scrapbook, showcasing the wait you had and the work you put into finding your child. It may even be something you choose to share with your child in the future!

What Should Your Blog Include?

Deciding to create an adoption blog is one thing — knowing what to put on it is another. While every blog is different, and yours should certainly reflect the personality of your family, here are a few suggestions on things you may want to consider including.

  • Introductions - The whole point of an adoption blog is to introduce your family, so make it simple for new readers by making a ‘Get to Know Us’ section. Introduce each member of your family, including background, hobbies, and any personal information you might want to share. This can also be a great place to introduce any family pets!
  • Pictures - Even if the focus of your blog is writing, remember that humans are visual creatures — include some great photos with every post. You might even consider hiring a professional photographer to take a trove of photos for you to choose from.
  • Adoption - While introducing your family is important, don’t forget the purpose of the blog! Consider adding a page where you discuss the type of adoption you’re hoping to have. If you’re wanting an open adoption, you might consider discussing what sort of communication you’d be open to over the course of the child’s life.
  • Openness - As difficult as it may be, you must make an effort to be open and vulnerable on your adoption blog. Try to speak about your hopes and dreams, your love for your family, and any concerns or fears you might have. It can certainly be difficult to put yourself out there, but not doing so runs the risk of making you appear distant or cold — something you certainly want to avoid when an expectant mother is reading your blog in consideration of a home for her child.

Update & Share

After you’ve created your blog, you have two important steps to keep up with: updating and sharing. Keeping your blog updated is essential, as a lack of updates may lead readers to believe that you’ve already connected with a birthmother, or have given up your search. Sharing is equally important! Whether you’re spreading the word on social media or focusing on keywords to help your blog be found by search engines, making sure your blog is seen by as many eyes as possible is the best way to increase your chances of being found by a compatible birthmother.

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