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For the Biological Grandparents

For the Biological Grandparents

Is your daughter or son facing an unplanned pregnancy? You may be wondering about their options and how you can help. We can help them understand their options and decide if adoption is best for them.

The Role of Birthgrandparents in Adoption

If your son or daughter is considering adoption for their baby, it is important to respect them as individuals and try your best to understand their reasons for considering this option. You can — and should! — provide as much guidance and support as you’d like, but remember that the decision is ultimately theirs to make.

If you’d like to be involved in the adoption process, discuss your thoughts with your son or daughter. Come to an agreement about how much you will be involved before and after the adoption. During the adoption process, you may be able to help them choose and meet with adoptive parents, go with to doctor’s appointments, participate in counseling sessions, and provide moral support. If they choose an open adoption, you may also be involved in ongoing communication with the baby and the family after the adoption.

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