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Family Type: Single Gay Man
State I live in: Maryland

dear expectant mother

Let me first say thank you. I can’t imagine the thoughts and emotions you are going through now. I don’t know you, but I already know you are the strongest person I will ever know. By sharing your gift, you are giving another person the ability to become a parent, and that takes great courage. I promise I will honor you, and your child will know where he or she comes from, if that is your wish.

I cannot predict the future, but understand that I will protect and cherish the blessing you will give me. I was blessed to grow up with a loving family, and I promise you your baby will never go one second without being loved and cared for. Even with all the challenges as a single LGBTQ man, my dream to be a parent has never wavered. In my home, as soon as you walk in, the first thing you see is the word “family” and a grouping of photos. The photos are my parents, siblings, godchildren, nieces, and nephews. I have a space on the wall just for the new addition. I pray you choose me so your child’s picture can go on my wall. Thank you and God bless you.

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By sharing your gift, you are giving another person the ability to become a parent, and that takes great courage. I promise I will honor you, and your child will know where he or she comes from, if that is your wish.


About Me

I am a kindhearted and loyal individual. I was raised in a suburban neighborhood by parents who have country roots. I was raised to respect another person’s differences and to be a proud and confident person. My family encouraged education to pursue my dreams. I received a business degree from a Historically Black College/University and went on to get a master’s degree. My hobbies are exercising, reading, and writing. Staying physically fit is important to me and will allow me to keep up with playing and raising a child. I have been employed by the federal government for over 12 years. My career provides me with a great work/life balance that I carry over into my personal life. I am a simple man who works hard and wants to do the right thing. My best quality is my smile.

My Home & Pets

I live in a diverse, quiet suburban neighborhood. My home is on the outskirts of a major city, which gives me access to plenty of parks, community centers, and festivals. I own a four-bedroom home with a furnished basement, complete with a backyard with plenty of room to play and have family functions. I enjoy planting flowers in the spring and even have a garden—something I picked up from my grandmother. I have a large kitchen where I enjoy making meals for family and friends during the holidays or sporting events. My home is close to other family members, so my child will have plenty of family around to spoil them.

My Extended Family

I was raised by a village. I am the oldest of three, and my siblings and I are very tight even now as adults. I am an uncle, and my niece and nephew are very excited to meet their new cousin. The holidays are about family, and we normally travel to see extended family members. We enjoy cooking and plenty of laughs. Our last Thanksgiving featured a family karaoke that even included the kids.

Family to me is about bonds and connections. My late godfather was a dear member of my family just like any blood relative. My godfather’s children and grandchildren have a bond just as strong, we do everything together. I believe adoption would come naturally to me, because I was raised that family is about connection. I can guarantee that any child coming into my family will be loved by my complete family.

What Led Me To Adoption

I have been excited about this journey of becoming a father as far back as I can remember. Adoption is about building a legacy, and I want to pass on knowledge and family traditions to my future child. This is my first adoption, but I have met some couples who have adopted. Recently a coworker adopted her son, and I have an aunt and uncle currently raising an adopted child. I have seen first-hand the joy adoption has brought to these families. I understand every story is different, but like anyone, I want the opportunity to open my home to love and care for a child.

more about Kevin

more about Kevin

Survey statistician
African American
Master of Business Administration
Fried catfish
Exercising, reading, art
The Avengers
Favorite Tradition:
Cooking for the holidays
Football, basketball
Music Group:
Michael Jackson
TV Show:
Anything involving superheroes
Harry Potter
Subject in School:
TV broadcasting, history
Dream Vacation:
Florida or Carribean beach

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