Greg & Garrett

Greg and Garrett our adoption story

Journey to Fatherhood

We had always yearned to become parents. Our shared dream of starting a family was one of the first things that united us as a couple. As we navigated life together, the prospect of parenthood remained a constant aspiration. For us, creating a family was the missing piece in our lives, and adoption emerged as the most poignant means to achieve this dream.

In our pursuit of parenthood, we explored numerous options. We delved into research, examined various avenues, and attended countless discussions. However, the foundation of our relationship was firmly rooted in our mutual desire to become fathers. Adoption, we realized, held the potential to provide the meaningful and fulfilling path we sought to embark on this journey.

The decision to work with LifeLong Adoptions was a pivotal one. While considering several adoption agencies, we were drawn to LifeLong's unwavering focus on LGBTQ families. By choosing LifeLong, we would be participating in an adoption process where expectant mothers would be comfortable and accepting of same-sex couples like us.

As we embarked on our adoption journey, we were overwhelmed by a tidal wave of emotions. While we had meticulously researched and educated ourselves about adoption, the reality of our path remained shrouded in uncertainty. The enormity of the undertaking began to dawn on us, and we grappled with the challenges and triumphs that lay ahead.

The reactions of our friends and family were overwhelmingly positive and heartwarming. The decision to adopt was met with immense joy and support. Those close to us recognized the significance of this choice, especially considering the challenges we had faced due to our sexuality. The journey to parenthood represented a dream fulfilled not only for us but also for our families, especially Garrett's late mother, who had longed to see her son become a parent.

Becoming Real

Our adoption journey was marked by serendipitous moments and unique connections. Although we had encountered special circumstance opportunities earlier, we had never directly interacted with an expectant mother before connecting with Grayson's birthmother. On that memorable day, which coincided with our anniversary, we received a call from LifeLong Adoptions regarding an expectant mother interested in speaking with us. It was a moment filled with excitement and anticipation, and we felt like the universe had aligned our path with that of our future child's birthmother.

The connection with Grayson's birthmother deepened as we engaged in heartfelt conversations. Although she was initially considering three families, her choice eventually narrowed down to two, with us being among the final families. Transparency and honesty marked our interactions, and we began to question our every word and action, fearing we might inadvertently jeopardize this incredible opportunity.

Our relationship with the expectant mother blossomed further during a trip to Maui, where we celebrated our marriage. In a surprising twist, the expectant mother revealed she was expecting a baby boy. By this point, we had grown profoundly attached to her and assured her of our genuine care, regardless of her final decision.

“Support each other through the adoption journey.”
-Greg & Garrett
We Said Yes

One day, in a moment that would forever change our lives, the expectant mother sent us a message that caught us entirely off guard. She asked, "Will you be my baby's daddies?" The overwhelming rush of emotion that followed included screams of joy and tears of happiness. It was an unexpected confirmation of our impending parenthood, a momentous declaration that we would soon become a real family.

Our journey continued as we traveled to meet her. Our bond with her grew stronger, and we engaged in open, honest conversations about how we envisioned our relationship, both with her and the birthfather. We shared a common commitment to ensuring that the child's best interest was paramount in our decisions.

As we approached the question of open or closed adoption, we carefully considered what would be best for everyone involved, especially Grayson. The focus remained on fostering an environment of love and support.

The Call

The day arrived when we received the call informing us Grayson was being born. In line with the expectant mother’s wishes for us to experience the full spectrum of becoming parents, we were present in the delivery room, where we witnessed the miraculous moment of Grayson's birth. We held his tiny hand as he entered the world, and Greg had the honor of cutting his umbilical cord. It was a serene, unforgettable experience, made all the more poignant by the realization that we had achieved our dream as a same-sex couple.

Our relationship with Grayson's birthmother continues to evolve, and we are working together to determine the best form of communication and connection moving forward. Our bond is built on mutual respect, trust, and love, and we cherish the unique connection they share.

The adoption process, like any journey, presented its fair share of challenges. The initial hurdles were the unknowns—doubts about whether it would all work out, the ever-present fear of the expectant mother changing her mind, and the rollercoaster of emotions. However, we learned to shift our perspective and chose to embrace the joy of the journey rather than dwelling on the uncertainty.

Navigating the lengthy adoption process required resilience and patience. We discovered that by focusing on what truly mattered, the ups and downs became more manageable. We learned to relinquish control and trust that in the end, it would all come together.

Best Advice

Our advice for other adoptive parents is rooted in our own experiences. We encourage others never to lose hope, to keep their eyes on their ultimate goal, and to weather the inevitable highs and lows of the adoption journey. It’s important to support each other emotionally and allow space for each partner to express their feelings. We emphasize the value of communication, checking in with one another regularly, and understanding that together, you can overcome any obstacle on the path to parenthood.

In conclusion, our adoption journey is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the unwavering belief in a dream. Through serendipitous encounters and heartfelt connections, we embraced the unknown, navigated challenges, and celebrated the joy of becoming parents. Grayson's arrival not only fulfilled our dream but also reinforced our conviction that adoption is a beautiful and transformative journey worth undertaking, no matter the obstacles encountered along the way.


Whether an LGBT couple, traditional parents or a single individual, we believe every child deserves a LifeLong family.
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