James & Brian

James and Brian our adoption story

We are the type of people who stand in line at the grocery store making funny faces at the child sitting in the stroller in front of us, just to get a laugh or smile out of him or her. Having a family of our own was something that we had always wanted, and we knew that one day this dream of ours would come true.

Being a same-sex couple, our options for starting a family were certainly limited. Nonetheless, adoption was always our number one choice. There is something so magical about adoption. The relationship that is formed with the child, the birthmother and/or birthfather is something that is cherished throughout one’s life, and that is something not many get to feel unless you’ve been through the actual process of adoption.

“If it wasn’t for LifeLong Adoptions and the love they showed us throughout this entire process, we would not have the amazing daughter we have today.”
-James & Brian

We did our homework! After six months of interviewing various adoption agencies across the country, we settled on LifeLong Adoptions for a variety of reasons. The top reason was LifeLong’s relationship and bond they obviously have with expectant mothers and birthmothers. My partner and I wanted a baby of course...but we also wanted the person who was granting us this gift to be taken care of on a number of different levels. We wanted their questions answered by the best of the best, someone to go to when their emotions were running high. LifeLong offered that for these women. Secondly, we chose LifeLong for their honest candor and their commitment to communication. When we called, they called back. When we emailed, they emailed back.

We were chosen by an expectant mother after only five months of signing up with LifeLong Adoptions. Waiting for our child to be born was a very anxiety-ridden time. However, looking back on it, the process could not have gone any smoother. We spoke with the expectant parents weekly, met them prior to the birth, and stayed in their hometown for two weeks before our daughter was delivered. We formed such a close bond with them that we were invited into the delivery room and I was even asked to cut our daughter’s umbilical cord.

LifeLong literally took care of everything. From the introductions with the expectant mother, researching what attorney to use, and explaining the legal process, they did it all while holding our hands calmly, efficiently, and positively. It was an amazing experience. If it wasn’t for LifeLong Adoptions and the love they showed us throughout this entire process, we would not have the amazing daughter we have today.


Whether an LGBT couple, traditional parents or a single individual, we believe every child deserves a LifeLong family.
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