Nathan & Marc

Nathan and Marc our adoption story

Finding Our Way to Fatherhood

Our journey to parenthood took an unexpected yet incredibly fulfilling turn as we embarked on the path of adoption. Our decision to adopt was deeply rooted in our desire to provide a loving home to a child in need. Surrogacy never appealed to us; instead, we felt a calling to give an existing child a wonderful life.

Choosing LifeLong Adoptions as our partner in this journey was a decision filled with careful consideration. Extensive research, heartfelt conversations with other LGBTQ-friendly agencies, and reading numerous reviews led us to the comforting arms of LifeLong. Our initial meeting with them assured us that we weren't just another family in the system; we were becoming part of the LifeLong family, where support and care were foundational.

Feeling Every Emotion

Our emotions at the start of our adoption journey were a whirlwind of excitement and uncertainty. As months passed with no opportunities, doubts crept in, and we began questioning if we were truly deserving of this beautiful path to parenthood.

Our friends and family, however, stood unwaveringly by our side, offering support and encouragement throughout the process. Their belief in us became a pillar of strength we leaned on during the challenging waiting period.

“Our advice to others on this journey is simple yet profound: don't give up.”
-Nathan & Marc
Being Chosen

Our first contact with our daughter’s birthmother is a moment that is now etched in our hearts forever. She chose us because she felt drawn to our profile. Starting with an email, our conversations unfolded over the following months until she gave birth in November. The connection was surreal, and we felt an immediate bond with her.

The call announcing our baby's imminent arrival was chaotic and exciting. Racing to the hospital, we were filled with a mix of nerves, anticipation, and overwhelming joy. The night unfolded, and our daughter, Lakelyn, made her grand entrance into our lives.

Meeting her for the first time, we felt a rollercoaster of emotions. Birth plans shifted, and in that unexpected dance, we held her close, cut the cord, and shared precious moments. Our relationship with Lakelyn’s birthmother blossomed into a beautiful, open adoption. Nights were spent taking turns caring for Lakelyn, fostering a deep connection between all of us.

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges peppered our adoption journey, including the unknown, relinquishing control, and navigating day-to-day uncertainties. Our three-month wait, though relatively short, held its own set of hurdles. Our social worker, a referral from LifeLong, became our anchor during turbulent times.

To cope with the wait, we embraced adventures together, taking trips to New York, Colorado, and the Dominican Republic. Quality time with family and each other, coupled with unwavering support, became our refuge.

Our advice to others on this journey is simple yet profound: don't give up. The right mother and the right baby are out there waiting for you. In challenging times, trust the process, lean on your support system, and remember that the destination is worth the journey.

Our adoption story, though unique to us, is a testament to the beauty that can come when hearts are open and love knows no boundaries.


Whether an LGBT couple, traditional parents or a single individual, we believe every child deserves a LifeLong family.
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