Sanjana & Philipp

Sanjana and Philipp our adoption story

Our Story

Our story of adopting our precious child is one that's etched deep within our hearts as a journey that fulfilled our dreams and amplified our love.

From the very beginning, adoption was our chosen path. It was a decision made not out of necessity but out of love and a longing to provide a home filled with warmth and care for a child who needed it.

As we embarked on this journey to parenthood, we knew we were taking an unconventional route. Our path was not marked by pregnancy tests or sonograms but by paperwork, conversations, and the anticipation of that life-changing call. Our decision to adopt was unwavering. We were committed to bringing a child into our lives, and we chose LifeLong Adoptions as our partner in this incredible journey.

A Whirlwind of Emotions

Our adoption journey began with a whirlwind of nervousness, hope, and excitement. The unknown stretched ahead of us, and as we stepped into this uncharted territory, we couldn't help but feel overwhelmed.

We kept our circle of support small, revealing our plans only to a select few close friends and family. They were eager to be part of our journey, even though the world of adoption was unfamiliar to them. The reactions were mixed, with everyone genuinely excited for us but somewhat unsure about what to expect. This journey allowed us to learn together and strengthened the support system that would be invaluable in the coming years.

Our journey wasn't without its hurdles. In the beginning, we had specific preferences, wanting to ensure we didn't bite off more than we could chew. Flexibility came later as we grew more comfortable with the process, learning that sometimes opening up to new possibilities can lead to wonderful connections.

“The lifetime of happiness is worth the two-year wait.”
-Sanjana & Philipp
Navigating Opportunities

Our first opportunity was an expectant mother in California. It was an exhilarating moment, our first chance to embrace parenthood. However, differences in communication styles led to her choosing another family. It was a difficult setback, but we knew our journey had just begun.

The second opportunity stalled when the expectant mother stopped communicating. Months passed and the third opportunity arose, but for various reasons, we decided to walk away. That was a difficult decision because in the back of your mind, you wonder if you are passing on an opportunity that could be the last one you receive. We never wanted to take anything for granted but also needed to stay true to what we felt was right for us.

With our contract nearing its end, a pivotal decision lay ahead: whether to extend our journey or take a break. We chose to continue, and the universe rewarded our perseverance. An expectant mother from Illinois became our beacon of hope.

The Right Connection

This remarkable woman saw a connection between our backgrounds, with an Indian grandfather and German roots, mirroring our heritage. A profound bond formed, and everything felt right. We knew in our hearts we were on the right path.

The expectant mother's pregnancy was in the early stages, and with each passing day, excitement and anxiety grew. We were in India when we received the news that her contractions had started, although we later found out it was a false alarm.

When we did ultimately get word at a later time that the birthmother was going to be giving birth, we learned how to juggle our emotions and coordinate logistics while trying to remain calm.

Worth the Wait

Once Liam was born, the journey shifted from anticipation to heartwarming moments. We spent those precious weeks in the NICU, cherishing every moment with our child. Our adoption journey, which had begun two years earlier, was now filled with profound connection and love.

Our journey was transformative, an evolution from hopeful adoptive parents to loving parents of a remarkable child. We navigated the NICU, shared precious moments with our son, and came to understand that our hearts were forever intertwined. Our experience was a testament to the power of open adoption. Learning that we had a shared commitment to our child brought us all closer together. We formed a unique and beautiful bond.


The challenges we faced were no match for the joy and love we found within our growing family. While the journey had been long and sometimes overwhelming, we knew we had found our child, and love had conquered every obstacle.

Our advice to others on this path: Stay true to what you need, maintain a strong support network, educate yourself and others about adoption, and never compromise on the things that matter most. Keep the faith, for the happiness that awaits at the end of the journey is immeasurable.

With Liam in our arms and love filling our hearts, we understood the profound truth that family is created not by biology but by the power of love and shared dreams. Our journey had begun with the decision to adopt, and every moment was a testament to the beauty of this unique path we had chosen.


Whether an LGBT couple, traditional parents or a single individual, we believe every child deserves a LifeLong family.
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