Steph & Trevan

Steph and Trevan our adoption story

Completing Our Puzzle

For four years, we tried to have a baby on our own. At some point, both of us decided we needed to look into adoption as an option. After some research, we felt this was the right option for us to start our family. Since then, we’ve been looking forward to the day when we would hold our baby in our arms.

We discovered LifeLong after searching online and talking to people we knew who recommended them. We knew we wanted to partner with people who made us feel welcomed every step of the way. We are so glad we did.

Initially, we were anxious and nervous. At the same time, we were very excited. Finding out about the process was both educational and enlightening, and as we moved forward, we were energized to embark on the process.

Our friends and family were more than supportive of our journey. They mentioned adoption to us even before we told them this was an option for us. Each step of the way, they were so supportive, and this made the whole experience seem less daunting. When we brought our baby home, they were over the moon.

The Missing Piece

One day, we were doing a jigsaw puzzle. It was peaceful, and we had no idea what was going to happen. Then we got a phone call from LifeLong. There was a baby who had been born the previous night, and the birthmother wanted to meet us. Not only that but our baby was born just 20 minutes away from our house. Talk about fate and the perfect fit for our family puzzle! We were in shock. We thought the process was going to take months if not years. We didn’t expect everything to happen so quickly.

Immediately after receiving the phone call, we started to call our parents and family. We shed a few tears while getting ourselves out the door and to the hospital. Somehow, in the midst of our shock and glee, we arrived at the hospital.

“In the end, it seems that the more we trusted, the more doors opened up.”
-Steph & Trevan
The Fateful Meeting

Meeting our baby’s birthmother was incredible. We didn’t expect her to click with us right away, but she was funny, outgoing, selfless, and kind. In some ways, feeling so close to her from the beginning made our entire experience of bringing Gwen home extra special for us. We feel incredibly lucky we met her.

Gwen was in the NICU when we first saw her. She was so tiny, and we shed many tears when we first met her. We were overflowing with emotions that are difficult to even describe. Even now, looking back, the joy and contentment still make us feel like we were on top of the world. We just know it was right. We feel whole.

Home Together

We can’t wait for the days to come since we’ve already been so blessed. It’s amazing how in unexpected circumstances, good things can happen. Our faith has been renewed.

We want other adoptive parents to know there are some adoptions like ours that are very smooth. In part, this is because we were very open. In being open, we trusted the process. In the end, it seems that the more we trusted, the more doors opened up.

We are looking forward to adding more children to our family and giving Gwen siblings when the time is right. For now, we are looking forward to parenting every single day.


Whether an LGBT couple, traditional parents or a single individual, we believe every child deserves a LifeLong family.
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