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Why Does it Take So Long to Adopt?

One of the biggest questions we hear from adoptive parents here at LifeLong is “why does it take so long to adopt?” It’s a difficult question to answer, as there isn’t a simple way to explain it. There are many factors that go into adopting an infant that make it a timely process. We understand it’s not easy to wait for something you long for so deeply...but we promise it’s worth it!

If you’re hoping to adopt a baby or have already begun your adoption journey, here are a few reasons why it may be some time before you bring your baby home.

Paperwork & Legal Reasons

Get ready to put your reading glasses on and practice your signature. With adoption comes an abundance of paperwork. Once you complete forms and paperwork they need to be reviewed by the adoption agency and adoption attorney. Adoptive parents also have to attend many meetings with the adoption agency and adoption attorney.

Becoming Qualified

There are obstacles you must complete before really beginning the adoption process. One of those obstacles is becoming qualified to adopt. Most adoption agencies (including LifeLong Adoptions) will not present families to birthmothers unless they are 100% qualified to adopt. The need to determine that the parents will provide a suitable environment and lifestyle before children are placed in their homes takes time. This is called a home study. Potential parents are subjected to extensive background checks, interviews, a financial review and medical histories are investigated. We wish this process could be quicker but it typically takes 3-4 months.

What You Are Looking For

Many adoptive parents are open to adopting any race or gender. However, there are some adoptive parents who have preferences. Keep in mind if you are only looking for a baby girl, only looking for a baby boy, or only looking to adopt a certain race/ethnicity, your adoption process might take longer. Those who are open to any newborn may be connected quicker.

A Birthmother’s Choice

LifeLong Adoptions presents all their birthmothers with the materials needed to choose an adoptive family. This includes printed adoptive family profiles as well as access to our online library of family profiles. Just because a birthmother has these materials doesn’t mean she is going to look at them right away. Choosing a family to raise your unborn child is an extremely emotional thing, and it may take the birthmother some time to find the courage to even look at profiles.

LifeLong Adoptions works with a limited number of families at a time to ensure personalized service and promote quicker placement times. With that said, we still work with a considerable amount of hopeful parents. While we do work hard to implement effective marketing strategies for our adoptive families, it is ultimately up to the birthmother to choose the parents for her child. We hope this happens quickly for all of our families, but encourage all to keep in mind your birthmother will find you when the time is right.

There is no way to predict how long it will take for any particular family to find the birthparents they were meant to connect with. Adoption cannot be forced. It is your passion to parent that will keep your hopes alive and strong. Be patient. We are confident you will find the baby that was meant for you.

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