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Adoption Testimonial from Abby & Meagan

Thank you, Abby & Meagan for sharing your adoption experience with the LifeLong community. Your kind words mean the world to us, and we know your experience will inspire and give hope to other families hoping to adopt a baby. THANK YOU!

How would you rate your overall experience with LifeLong Adoptions?

Our overall experience with Lifelong has been AMAZING!!!!!!!!! We could not have asked for a more perfect adoption agency, they are all so wonderful, so helpful, caring, kind, thoughtful..I could go on and on!!

Do you have any suggestions for improvements?

We thought everything was wonderful, so no suggestion on improvement

Would you recommend your attorney or social worker that you hired to work with your birthmother for future adoptive parents?

YES!! our attorney was wonderful, we would definitely use her again for anything!

Do you have any tips that you would like to pass on to future adoptive parents?

Be patient, be prepared for anything, and stay strong the ending outcome is 100% worth the work and wait!!

Did you pack anything that you didn't need? Anything you didn't pack but wish you had?

All we can say is bring your camera! :)

Do we have your permission to use you as a reference?

Yes absolutely we would love for you to use us as references! email is best

Please share with us your adoption story.

We were accepted into Lifelong in November 2013 and so excited!! We worked on our home study and our profile with Tisa and our profile went up January 17th 2013 on Tuesday March 4th 2014 we got the call, a birth mother picked us, she was from Minnesota just 5 1/2 hours from us, she was having a boy and due June 23rd!! We were so excited, could not believe it was happening so fast, we were thrilled! We met our birth mother in May 2014, she was great, it made us even more excited to meet our little boy! We got the call on June 9th 2014 that our baby was on his way, we had our bags packed and the car seat in the car we drove (maybe a little too fast) but we made it just in time! we arrived at the hospital at 12 am on June 10th and Oakley was born at 12:30am 8lbs 3oz 21 1/4 inches long, perfect healthy little boy! We both got to be in the delivery room and cut the umbilical cord. It was the most amazing experience, we stayed in the hospital with him and took him home with us on June 11th. We are loving every minute of being parents and have Lifelong adoptions and our birth mother to thank for this amazing blessing!

Would you be interested or willing to be a referral for LifeLong?

Yes, absolutely!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you have done for us Lifelong!! You are all so amazing and we are so grateful to you for all that you have done for us, we are beyond happy to have our son and we could not have done it without you, you are all amazing!

*Special thanks to Mark Doyle and Tisa Lamb for being there for us every step of the way, you two are rock stars!!*

Abby, Meagan, & Oakley Mistic

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