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7 Fun Ways to Announce Your Adoption

Adoption is a beautiful way to start a family, and for many parents it’s a true cause for celebration. Adoption announcements are the perfect time to take photos you are going to show your child one day so he or she can see the love and excitement you experienced while waiting for his or her arrival. Here are some fun ways to announce and celebrate your adoption.

Pre-adoption Photo Shoots

Spread the word that you’re parents-to-be but not sure when, or that you’ve been connected and are waiting for your baby to be born. Pick an interesting location to take these photos. This can also be done in your home, garden, or some other location that is meaningful for you and your partner. Write phrases on colorful paper or a small blackboard and incorporate them into your pictures. There are so many items you can use to make the pictures more interesting, such as balloons, especially if you write phrases on them, baby shoes or clothes, and much more.

Announcement Cards

Let your friends and family know when and where your baby was born and when you welcomed him or her home. Choose one or more photos with your child that you love the most and combine it with interesting fonts and colors to make the card something worth saving for your friends and family. You can also utilize an online custom card printing service.

Adoption T-shirts

This is a fun way to announce your plans to your family, as well as a great way to show them how you feel when your baby is finally placed in your family. If you have a pet, you can do a fantastic photo shooting and make a T-shirt your pet is going to wear, saying that the new member of the family is going to arrive soon.

Storybook Announcement

Even if you have just adopted a newborn, by now you probably have plenty of pictures and memories, so consider turning them into a storybook as a fun way to create an adoption announcement for your extended family and friends.


Adoption can complete a family, just like a missing puzzle piece. So if you’re looking for a fun and creative adoption announcement, create a jigsaw puzzle out of the announcement and/or baby photo. This could be the perfect way to tell your family and friends that you feel complete now. 

Baby Adoption Shower

Throwing a party might be the right choice for you if you aren’t the kind of person to send cards or other items. This way you can invite your close friends and family to celebrate the adoption. Make it into a surprise party or a theme party with decorations and baby shower games. This will also give your friends and family a chance to shower you and your new baby with gifts or baby supplies you might still need.

Adoption Web Page

There are online services that let you create a web page to share the adoption process with your loved ones. You can start with the website when you begin your adoption journey and keep it up-to-date with pictures and journal entries along the way, including photos after the adoption of you together as a family.

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