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The Adoption Wait Playlist: 13 Parents Song To Get You Through The Adoption Wait

Parents Songs To Get Through The Adoption Wait

13 Inspirational Parents Songs

The wait during your adoption is a real emotional rollercoaster. Every adoptive family copes with the adoption wait in their own ways. One of the most powerful ways to express emotions about important topics is through music. We’ve all had times in our life that a specific song speaks to us. Music has the ability to transform us, to restore our hope, and to inspire us. Certain lyrics that contain inspirational messages about waiting, staying positive, and being persistent can speak to you. We’ve prepared an adoption wait playlist with songs to get you through this emotional and stressful time.

Songs About Adoption

I Knew I Loved You — Savage Garden

So many hopeful adoptive parents use the lyrics of this gorgeous song to describe the way they feel about their future child, even though they haven't met them yet. >> Click here to listen.

When Love Takes You In — Steven Curtis Chapman

This is an artist who has adopted three girls from China. His personal experience of adoption is what makes his songs so meaningful. >> Click here to listen.

Bless The Broken Road — Rascal Flatts

This song relates to the challenges so many parents face along the adoption journey and how the end result is worth it all. >> Click here to listen.

Everything to Me — Mark Schultz

This artist was adopted as a baby and he never thought about meeting his birthmother until he realized that she showed great love by placing him with another loving family. This song is a true celebration of everything that birthmothers give when they choose adoption. >> Click here to listen.

Guardian — Alanis Morissette

This is not a song about adoption specifically, but it's strong lyrics, "I’ll be your warrior of care, I’ll be your angel on call...the greatest honor of all as your guardian," convey the strong feelings of love and protection the role of parenthood evokes. >> Click here to listen.

Somewhere Out There — Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram

The lyrics of this emotional song convey the love felt by two people separated by distance but find home and inspiration in the belief how their love will reunite them. >> Click here to listen.

Lullaby — Dixie Chicks

This lovely song's light and whimsical tones represents the magic of parenthood and the enduring love of a parent. >> Click here to listen.

While I’m Waiting — John Waller

This song so beautifully describes what it means to wait patiently even when life is screaming give up. >> Click here to listen.

I Will Wait — Mumford and Sons

This wonderfully upbeat song can get you through anything. The lyrics are so powerful and adoptive parents can easily relate to them. >> Click here to listen.

Naleigh Moon — Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley and his wife Katherine Heigl adopted their daughter from South Korea. He wrote this heartfelt song to describe his love for her and how he became a better man when he became her father. >> Click here to listen.

You'll Be In My Heart — Phil Collins

Featured on the soundtrack for Disney's Tarzan, a movie about an orphaned child raised by apes in the jungle, this song uniquely captures the spirit of adoption and how love can overcome physical differences. >> Click here to listen.

Orphan — John Waller

John Waller and his wife adopted a baby girl and her two siblings from the Ukraine. The video for this song features his daughter Anna who went on to adopt a son as well. This is a heartwarming story about real adoption stories that will give hope to every adoptive parent in hard times of the adoption wait. >> Click here to listen.

Haven’t Met You Yet — Michael Buble

According to artist Michael Buble, this song is about everyone’s dream of finding love. It’s perfect for adoption wait since you’re waiting for your opportunity to love a child. >> Click here to listen.

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