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6 Reasons People Fail the Home Study

adoption home study

During the home study process, you will be asked all kinds of personal questions, including your medical history, your criminal background, your financial background, references, education, and much more. Although every home study consists mostly of biographical information, many hopeful adoptive parents stress out about the process. If you think that something might prevent you from being approved, your worries are probably unfounded. Usually, there are only a few pretty extreme reasons why people fail the home study.

Felony Conviction

People with any kind of criminal record that involves child abuse or neglect, domestic violence, sex crime, or any crimes against children likely will not be approved in a home study process. It’s important to know how this applies to you, your partner, and anyone who lives in your home. In some states, a felony drug conviction within the last five years also means an automatic disqualification. If you or your partner do have a criminal history, you need to check all there is about laws in your state to see if you can apply for an adoption. Minor convictions in your youth are usually not a barrier, as long as you’re honest about them.

Health Issues

A social worker may deny your home study approval if you or your partner have a life-threatening disease, since this may impact your parenting ability or shorten your lifespan. People with serious health issues, physical and psychological, may fail the home study. This doesn’t mean that therapy or medications of any kind prevent you from adopting. You’ll need to prepare a letter from your prescribing physician or your therapist before your home study. Always be honest about the medications you take, and if required, get a statement from your doctor about those medications.

Other Family Members

A home study process involves examination of every adult who lives in your home. So if there are any issues with someone else living in your home, that may affect the result of your home study process.

Financial Difficulties

An adoption home study includes an incredibly detailed summary of your current financial situation. If your financial situation is bad or you have certain difficulties, your home study approval could be in jeopardy. So, before applying for an adoption, be sure to have your finances in order and research your adoption finance assistance options so you're prepared for questions regarding your ability to afford adoption.

Unstable and Unsafe Home

If you want to adopt a baby, you also need to equip your home for the arrival of your new family member. A social worker will want to inspect the general safety of your home, including checking your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, and they will also want to make sure you have an adequate room for your future child. If you and your family are moving too often or have issues in your home, that may create an image of an unstable home. If there’s anything about your lifestyle that could be considered unstable, you may have some difficulties with your home study approval.


When applying for an adoption, the golden rule is to always be honest. It’s the same with your home study since your social worker. If you make false statements anywhere along the way, your social worker is going to find out sooner or later. Even when they found out any suspicious information in your adoption paperwork, they’re going to check that. An adoption is all about finding a proper home for a child, so try to be yourself and be honest, and there’s nothing to worry about.

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