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Parental Leave-Cutting Edge Policies for Employees for Biological and Adoptive Parents

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Planning an adoption is a long and complex process that involves an evaluation of every aspect of the prospective parents’ lives. This includes starting the process of adoption also means you’ll eventually need to do some research on the parental leave policies of your company or employer. Regardless of whether you’re simply interested in the progress that’s being made on that front or you’d be willing to switch jobs in pursuit of greener pastures, you might benefit from browsing through this list of cutting-edge parental leave policies.


Moms who work at Amazon are among the luckiest when it comes to parental leave. Regardless of whether you’re going to give birth yourself or are planning to adopt a child, you’re given plenty of time to adjust. Birth moms can take four weeks of leave before the baby arrives and 10 weeks after. All of this is paid, of course, but that’s not all – dads and adoptive parents are allowed six weeks.


If you’re expecting while working at Apple, you can start your parental leave up to four weeks before you go into labor. While birth moms are allowed 14 weeks of paid leave after the baby is born, dads and adoptive parents are given six weeks.


Facebook employees are given four long months of paid parental leave, which isn’t reserved for birth parents – adoptive parents are encouraged to take advantage of it as well. Apart from that, they also give their employees $4,000 for each child they have, and provide them with rooms specially designed for breast feeding.


Birth moms who work at Google are given 18 weeks of paid parental leave. If the employee is adopting a child, the leave they receive is called “baby-bonding leave” and can last for up to 12 weeks. The company offers access to the so-called “mother’s rooms,” as well as $500 worth of bonus for bonding with the child.

Johnson & Johnson

This one goes to prove that employers with cutting-edge parental leave policies aren’t just tech companies. Women who are expecting and work at Johnson & Johnson are given 15 weeks of paid leave. This can go up to 17 if a C-section is involved. Fathers and adoptive parents are allowed 8 weeks of paid leave.

Bank of America

It seems that when it comes to parental leave, Bank of America is an employer that doesn’t discriminate. Regardless of your sex and whether you’re a biological or an adoptive parent, you get 12 weeks of paid leave if you’re working for this bank.

Goldman Sachs

And last but not least, Goldman Sachs provides its employees with 16 weeks of paid maternity and 4 weeks of paid paternity leave. Adoptive parents get the same amount of time to bond with their baby.

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