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LGBT Parents: Finding a Community of Support Through Social Media

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Apart from support groups and websites, LGBT parents can also find a lot of support from online communities where a lot of other LGBT people gather to share their parental experiences. Here are some amazing resources where you can connect to other people who share the same family identities and have incredible stories to tell!


OliviaHas2Moms is a YouTube channel which features Ebony and Denise and their beautiful young daughter, Olivia. This couple has been married for over three years and they started their YouTube channel in 2011. Today, it has over 60 thousand subscribers and their videos have over 3 million views. There you can find videos with tips for parenting, video confessions and other inspiring clips.

Gay Family Values features Jay and Bryan, a gay couple, and their adopted son and daughter, Daniel and Selena. They have videos in which they respond to personal questions and talk about what it means to be a part of a LGBT family.

Other interesting channels include JiMONiC19 and Michael and Luigi also found on YouTube's platform.


There are many LGBT families on Instagram that inspire by sharing parts of their everyday lives with others. Sharing stories and connecting with followers on a personal level is what many of them do, so here are some of the best accounts to follow.

@kordalenkaleb – Kordale and Kaleb are fathers of three children, and in their Instagram account they document their everyday lives as dads, their triumphs and adventures.

@therealmelroy - Vanessa and Melanie Roy are LGBT moms who have amazingly sweet moments to share!

@wvgaydad – This Instagram account belongs to Christopher, a gay father from West Virginia who documents the lives of him, his husband and his adorable daughter. – This adorable lesbian couple are mothers to five month old Norah, and they use their account to document their “journey of love and joy and becoming mummies”.

@eandjspop - Jerry of South Carolina and his partner are parents to two beautiful children and their daily life is definitely worth following!


There are also plenty of resources on Facebook where you can get connected to other LGBT parents. Here are some of them.

LGBT Real Talk Radio – This group has over 2000 members and they are dedicated to promoting unity, education, awareness, and a common connection of all members. Many members are parents, so it is a good place to get in touch and ask any questions you might have.

Lesbian TTC, Pregnancy and Parenting – this is a closed group with over 1000 members where you can find out anything about pregnancy and parenting from a lesbian perspective.

LGBT Parents – This group is dedicated to form a connection between its members, where everyone helps one another. Here you will find both people who are looking to become parents, as well as experienced LGBT parents with a lot of tips and tricks to share.

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