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Top 10 Infant Products For Your Adoption Shower Registry

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An adoption shower is a time to celebrate your new arrival with your friends and loved ones, and an adoption shower registry allows them to contribute gifts that you can make use of without duplicating gifts. Check out some of the innovative items below to see which ones can help you and your child in the coming months.

1. Toofeze Baby Teether ( When an infant enters the teething stage, their comfort often depends on having a cooled teether, but it can be difficult to remember to keep one in the freezer all the time. The Toofeze teether has a silicone handle and, most importantly, a stainless steel disc embedded into the silicone. This metal disc cools instantly when placed under cold water for a moment, meaning you can provide instant relief to teething pain without having to remember to put teethers in the freezer.

2. Puj Flyte Compact Baby Bathtub ( The Puj Flyte baby bathtub allows you to comfortably bathe your infant in almost any sink. Recommended for infants from 0 to 6 months old, this compact and lightweight tub is easy to transport and conforms to most sink sizes, making it ideal for use at home and while traveling. The material is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free, and is soft for a comfortable bathing experience.

3. BEABA Babycook Pro ( This handy countertop appliance makes producing your own baby food simple. The Babycook Pro can steam and blend food in one easy step, and can reheat food later when needed. Two bowls also accommodate twice the food production!

4. Pipla Portable Pacifier Sterilizer ( This small battery-operated sterilizer is essential for any adoption shower registry. Each sanitation cycle takes only three minutes, using UV light to kill over 99% of germs. Pacifiers have a way of escaping, but this helpful piece can help keep baby healthy.

5. 4moms Spout Cover ( Like most spout covers, this has a foam bottom to protect baby's head from bumps and scrapes, but this one has an additional feature: an integrated thermometer, so you can always be sure to make bath time safe and comfortable.

6. Gerber BabyNes Formula Dispenser ( Like a Keurig for infants, this equipment uses BPA-free capsules to measure, mix, heat, and dispense your baby's formula into a bottle in less than a minute, freeing your hands and attention up for more important things.

7. Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier This baby carrier is often hailed as the most comfortable baby carrier available on the market. This version supports your child from baby to toddler, and allows you to choose from multiple carrying positions so you can find the most comfortable positions for both you and your child.

8. Magnificent Baby Magnetic Baby Clothes ( Snaps and zippers are often difficult to manage with a wriggling infant, and velcro sticks to everything in the laundry. The solution? Magnets! Magnificent Baby's line of magnetic baby clothes helps make dressing baby quick and easy, and stays closed during all of baby's adventures.

9. Baby Shusher ( Many babies don't sleep well in a quiet room, and a number of noisemakers exist on the market to cater to that need. This one is unique in that it makes a noise that often comforts babies throughout the day: a "shushing" noise.

10. Peg-Perego Tatamia High Chair What makes this high chair unique is its versatility -- far beyond just a one-use piece of furniture, this chair can serve as a high chair, reclining chair, infant swing, and even a chair for big kids, making it one of the most valuable pieces you can put on your adoption shower registry.

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