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The internet has brought us all closer together, and nowhere is that more evident than in the copious amount of blogs available out there. No matter what subject you're curious about, chances are pretty good someone has a blog about it, and parenting is one of the hottest topics there is. When you narrow that down a bit more to LGBT adoption and parenting, we have a few suggestions.


2TravelDads is, as the name suggests about two loving fathers who love to travel with their kids. If you think you and your kids may enjoy traveling as a family, this blog is indispensable. Full of travel tips and heartwarming stories, this blog is a must for anyone wanting to learn how to make the most of any trip they take with their family.

Gay Parenting Voices

Whether you need to read some uplifting adoption stories or find some advice for a specific situation, chances are pretty good that Gay Parenting Voices has you covered. This blog has the benefit of many different contributors instead of being authored by a single family, meaning you are much more likely to find what you need here, though you don't get they payoff of the long-term emotional investment that some of these other options provide.

Gay NYC Dad

This blog stands out for the fact that the adopted child being written about is old enough to contribute from time to time! As the title of the blog points out, this blog is about a gay father living in NYC with his adopted son and partner of 24+ years. This blog is also known for hosting quite a few giveaways, so you might win some loot while learning about how their family has grown!


This blog has a focus on lesbian mothers but has helpful information for LGBTQ families of all kinds. The blog has been active since 2005, so there is quite a lot of content to get through, with topics ranging from adoption stories to political updates. If you're looking for a blog that updates often, this one is perfect for you; it often updates multiple times per week.

The Family Room

Run by the Family Equality Council, this blog is host to a wide range of topics from adoption success stories to schooling to legal guidelines. With over 1500 individual blog entries, you're sure to find assistance and inspiration on almost any parenting topic here.

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