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Adoptive Parent Packing Guide

The day has finally arrived. You are going to meet your new baby. With the anticipation and anxiety that goes with the adoption process, it can feel like a wave of relief to be so close to this moment… with just a touch of panic.

What do we need? What should we bring? What if we forget something? This trip is too important to get lost in the stress of a packing list. Here are a few essential items to help alleviate some of the last-minute worry.

All Necessary Paperwork

This is first on the list because at the end of the day, it is the most critical. This trip is for nothing if you don’t have the necessary adoption documents. If you are traveling to a foreign country, forgetting your passport will ensure you don’t even leave the airport. It may seem like a no-brainer, but the most obvious things get overlooked in moments of high anticipation.


Don’t always rely on your credit cards for this one, especially if you’re outside the country. Prepare to safely hide cash in a few different areas of your luggage. Plan to bring at least 25 percent more than you think you’ll need.


Anticipate that either you, the baby, or both will get sick. Be prepared for everything from sniffles to stomach bugs. This is an exciting but stressful time for everyone involved. The likelihood that someone starts feeling under the weather is pretty high.

Snacks, Water, Baby Formula

You can’t anticipate when and where you’ll have a chance to refuel, so bring your own just in case. Try to stick with healthy snacks like granola or fruits over candy to provide sustained energy and avoid sugar crashes.

Baby Carrier

As much as you are going to want your new baby in your arms at all times, this is unrealistic and exhausting. Don’t forget a baby carrier, stroller, and car seat if needed. If you're flying, be sure to check the airline's rules regarding car seats.

Diapers and Wipes

This may seem like another obvious one, but again, it’s easy to skip over the obvious stuff. Not to mention, this is definitely one you wouldn’t want to remember when it’s too late.


There may be a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’ during this trip. Think of items like tablets, laptops, toys, and books to keep both adults and children entertained during down times.

Chargers for Everything

This means for all your devices, but especially your phones. Double check all relevant contact information and make sure you have important numbers recorded in more than one place, just in case you do run out of battery.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember on your packing list is positivity. There’s no doubt that your heart is full of love and joy, but any trip can be at least a little nerve-wracking. Maintain calm and don’t panic if something goes wrong, or if you do forget something. You’ve made it this far through the adoption process, a small hiccup now won’t derail it.

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