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Post-Adoption To-Do List

Congratulations on growing your family! The adoption has now been finalized and I’m sure you and you’re thinking, “now what?”

While you have already done quite a bit of research and paperwork throughout the adoption process, there are just a few more things that will require your attention. Below are a few things you’ll want to make sure you take care of after your child’s adoption is finalized.

Birth Certificate and Social Security

The first thing that should be obtained is a new birth certificate. Usually once the adoption is finalized, the original birth certificate with the birth parents’ names on it will be sealed with the adoption file. With the file sealed, the a new birth certificate will be issued. This birth certificate will have the name of your child and the names of you and, if applicable, your partner. In order to prevent any issues that may arise in the future, you and your partner can usually obtain a copy of your child’s original birth certificate as well.

The social security card is the next thing you should get for your child after you receive the updated birth certificate. Your child will need this throughout their life for identification, and you will also need it for tax purposes. Securing this early on will take away any tax stresses later on, should any arise.

Medical Insurance

Another thing that you and your partner should look into after the adoption is finalized is obtaining medical insurance for your child. Making sure your child is insured is one of the most important things you can do. During your child’s younger years, they will have to go to the doctor more frequently for checkups than when they get older, and you never know when an illness might occur. Securing insurance as soon as you can will be extremely beneficial to making sure you’re able to take them to the doctor any time you need to.

Figuring out the correct insurance plan for your child will definitely require some research. If you and your partner have a family insurance plan then you would have to look into what the process would be to add your child. If you and your partner have different insurance plans, then researching which of your plans will provide the best option for your child will be the next step.

Make the Announcement

With the adoption finalized, you can now officially make the announcement to your friends and family. Ordering special announcements to send out to all your loved ones is a great way to officially introduce your new child to everyone you know. You can get creative with this because unlike all the other paperwork you have had to fill out, announcements do not have a specific way you have to do them. You and your partner can take full control over this last and final aspect of the finalized adoption. Maybe include a family photo or maybe make a collage of new family photos. The ideas are limitless!

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