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Adoption Announcement Ideas

Gender reveals and birth announcements are all the rage on social media and beyond. People go to great lengths to deliver a creative and fun announcement for their family and friends. This phenomenon is outstanding, as it provides individuals all over the world the chance to celebrate their newfound chapter in life.

However, there is a small trend taking over the social media world that coincides with the beauty of gender reveals and birth announcements: adoption announcements!

Potential parents are going above and beyond to make their adoption announcements fun, creative and memorable. And for good reason! Parents going through this process have just as much right to celebrate their joy and excitement as biological parents.

If you’re going through the process of adoption and want to announce your next chapter in a creative way, check out these fun and interesting ways to make your happy announcement. Don’t be afraid to get creative. This is an excellent reflection of what your new family will be like!

Send Care Packages

Once you’ve gotten word that your adoption has gone through, get started on making your care packages! Gather together a few key items that represent your adoption journey. Then, personalize it to who you’re sending it to. For example, if your mother loves to bake, perhaps give her a package full of inexpensive baking items. Then, place a cute card inside that alludes to baking for your new grandchild. On the back, perhaps write something like, “we’re adopting!” This is a great way to announce the arrival of your new family member in a personalized manner.

Do a Colored Gas Announcement

This is especially cool if you’re doing a LGBT adoption. Instead of placing the blue or pink colored gas in your boxes or capsules, place rainbow colored gas. Gather your friends and family together for this big announcement and let them witness what’s inside the box. This will give them a little piece of your newfound family member to help them get to know them better. This is fun for your friends and family members who are awaiting the approval of the adoption process. It also makes for an awesome Instagram or Facebook video.

Send an Invitation Out

When you know the day and time that you’ll be meeting your new child, plan a party for the following weekend. Invite your friends and family members to a welcoming cookout. Send out invitations ahead of time announcing the approval of your adoption process. This will get them excited for the upcoming family member. They can bring gifts to help make the child feel welcome. This is also an excellent way to get them involved and excited about the upcoming chapter.

Whether you’re doing an LGBT or traditional adoption, you have to celebrate it. Do your best to make the announcement as personalized as possible to reflect your style. This will help you, your family and friends get to know your upcoming family member.

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