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6 Picture Books About Adoption

Adoption can be something that even adults and adolescents can struggle to fully wrap their heads around. Full of emotions and questions, it can be difficult for parents to prepare their existing children for a new adopted arrival, and even more challenging to discuss adoption with their adopted child.


While there are a variety of options for navigating this potentially challenging topic, such as counselling and play therapy, many families find picture books an indispensable educational resource. With this in mind, in this article we’ll be exploring some of the best and most beautiful picture books about adoption.


Adoption is for Always

‘Adoption is for Always’ by Linda Walvoord Girard is a popular choice with classic well-drawn illustrations. It tells the story of a 5-year old named Celia who is aware that she is adopted. She has many questions which echo the real life questions that children can have about adoption, which her parents must navigate and answer.


Sweet Moon Baby
‘Sweet Moon Baby’ is by Karen Henry Clark, and features bright images with an energetic and lively drawing style that will capture childrens’ attention. This book is great for families adopting internationally, as it tells the tale of a baby’s adoption journey from China, with the baby floating on her journey along a river, meeting characters along the way.


The Day We Met You
Written by Phoebe Koehler ‘The Day We Met You’ is told from the perspective of adoptive parents, and can be a great choice for reassuring sensitive children who worry about being unwanted. This book features classic pastel drawn images that children love. 


Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born
Written by actress Jamie Lee Curtis, ‘Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born’ is a book that has a fresh modern style which will resonate well with children. It tells the story of how a child is born and a new family is born through the child’s own questions, making it a great choice for inquisitive kids.  


The Mulberry Bird
The Mulberry Bird’ is written by Anne Braff Brodzinsky. It addresses some of the most common issues in adoption, meaning it is relatable to a wide audience. It tells the tale of a mother bird who is not able to raise her chick, so she opts for another bird family to raise the hatchling in her stead. This simple presentation is great for helping young children to understand what adoption truly means, and features illustrations with a fuzzy paint-like textures that are soothing to look at. 


And Tango Makes Three
Told by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, ‘And Tango Makes Three’ is a book about LGBT adoption. It features two male penguins who watch ‘traditional’ penguin couples raise their chicks and realise they want a child of their own. This story has a surprise twist which is likely to surprise and enthrall readers, and features fresh and modern illustrations. 


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