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7 Things to Know About Domestic Adoption

Giving a child the gift of a loving home can make a drastically-positive change in their life. In the United States, there are over 100,000 children waiting to be adopted right now. We know it can be a long and complicated process to decide to make such a huge change in your life. Having some of the facts of domestic adoption may help you make the decision to become wonderful parents. 


Fact #1: Adoption Costs Vary

Many people believe that adoption costs are outrageously expensive, but the truth is that costs will vary widely case by case. It depends on several factors that will be worked out when you get the call that a child is in need of your love and care. It may not be quite as expensive as you fear! 


Fact #2: Adoption is Common in the United States

Adopting a child isn’t uncommon, and it isn’t a new concept. Over 100 million Americans have been involved with adoption in some way as adoptive parents, placement agents, or adoptees. This is nearly one third of the American population.


Fact #3: Long Wait? Not Likely

While it can take a few years for some adoptive couples to get the chance to adopt a child, 75% get their child within a year. The odds are on your side when it comes to speedy adoption. 


Fact #4: You Have Options

Before you accept an adoption connection, you will be able to see your baby’s medical history. If the child you may be adopting has medical needs that you can’t fulfill, you don’t have to accept the connection. All babies need a loving home regardless of medical needs, but it’s for the best that those with these needs are adopted by couples with the resources necessary to care for them. 


Fact #5: Adoption Revocation is not Common

Something that drives away many couples looking to adopt is the fear that birth parents will be able to take the child back at any time. This is actually exceedingly rare, and these cases are the result of flawed legal matters or misunderstandings. After an adoption is finalized, the birth parent's parental rights are terminated. You will be recognized as a legal parent, meaning that the baby is yours alone. Adoption revocations make up less than 1% of cases in the United States. 


Fact #6: Be Prepared to Travel

When you apply to adopt a child, you don’t always know where they’ll be. You may need to travel and stay in the area until the child is born and released from the hospital. In some cases, this will mean staying in another state entirely. You will have to wait for the ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) to be approved before you can head home with your new baby. This approval can take around ten business days. 


Fact #7: Domestic Adoption Makes for Healthy Adoptees

Adopting domestically will give your child a greater chance of being able to understand where they come from. When a child knows who their birth parents are and where they come from, they are less likely to develop unhealthy fantasies and attachments. Knowledge quells the frustration and helps them focus on the life they have instead of what they may have had. 


Adopting domestically is a great choice for many potential adoptive couples. Many children here in the United States need a loving home, and you could be the perfect fit for them. 

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