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Adoption Paperwork Organization Tips

If you are working with an adoption agency, staying organized is extremely important. There are a lot of legalities involved, and there will be a pile of paperwork. If you do not keep it organized, the process can become overwhelming. By keeping your paperwork organized from the very beginning, you will make the process easier.


How to Organize your Adoption Paperwork

You know how stressful it can be if you struggle with organization and constantly find yourself searching for things. When going through the adoption process, it is vital you keep a copy of every piece of paperwork. You will need quick access to this important documentation throughout the process. 


To save yourself from the hassle of searching tirelessly through your paperwork, begin organizing it right away. Below are some tips for organizing your adoption documentation:


  • Do Not Throw Anything Away: Every single piece of paperwork you receive is important, and there will be a lot of it. You may think that you can get rid of some of it, but do not do it.


  • Buy a 3-Ring Binder: The best way to keep your adoption paperwork organized is by keeping it in a 3-ring binder. Use folders or dividers to create sections to separate the paperwork. This will make it easier to locate the proper documentation when you need it.

As mentioned, there will be a lot of paperwork. You will want to break it into sections. You may find it helpful to create one for legal documentation, financial information, adoption agency, home study, birth parents, and the adoption finalization.


We also recommend that you keep official copies of your marriage license and birth certificates in the folder. It is a good practice to have three of each. You may be surprised by how many times you will need these.      


  • Make Digital Copies: You shouldn’t always keep a backup copy of all your information. The best way to do this is digitally. Scan everything and keep it all together in a password-protected digital archive. Name each section, so you can search for it easily. Although some people choose to only keep digital copies, we do not recommend this. There are some instances where you will need the original officially-stamped paperwork. If you forget to make a backup, there is a chance you can lose possession of the only document you had.

  • Paper Copies: You can also make paper copies. It never hurts to have an additional copy in storage in your folder. Just be sure that you keep all the originals in one folder and the copies in a separate folder.


Organizing Your Adoption Paperwork Will Make Your Life Easier

The adoption process can be a stressful journey. Keeping your paperwork organized from day one will help you stay in control. It will reduce your stress and guarantee you have everything you need at your fingertips!


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