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The Top 5 Books to Help with Single Parenting

When raising a child as a single parent, you will experience many similar milestones as other parents, but with more challenges. Whether you adopted a child as a single mother or found yourself raising your pre-teen on your own, we've put together some resources from tried and true single parents. Some are humorous, others are poignant, but each is heartfelt and full of tips and tricks to help you on your parenting journey. 

Being a single parent can be a lonely business where you are the sole disciplinarian, chef, chauffeur, maid, tutor, and protector. It is a daunting task but there are many others who have been in similar situations. Reading their stories and relating to their success and rejections can ease the burden and present the good aspects in a way that is revitalizing. 


365 Positive Strategies for Single Parenting by Susan Brown and Monica Simmons

Everyone needs strategies for life, especially single parents. This daily tip guide will keep the important aspects of single parenting in the forefront of your mind. It  includes self-care, which can immediately go by the wayside if not nurtured. 


Caring for yourself is part of being a good parent, so make sure to follow the daily strategies from humorous to thoughtful. Lean on their anecdotes to help you on your parenting journey.


A Father's Guide to Raising Daughters by Michael T. Wilkinson

Fathers and daughters have special relationships that are unique in a family dynamic. And when a father becomes the only parent a daughter can rely upon, it makes the situation even more complex without a female role model to engage and emulate. 


Michael T. Wilkinson shares his experience raising a strong daughter without a female presence in the family structure. This book doesn't pull any punches and is a must read for single fathers wanting to raise a daughter with a strong self of self-worth who is confident in her abilities.


The Complete Single Mother: Reassuring Answers to Your Most Challenging Concerns by Andrea Engber

Engber talks about the real questions, such as financial independence, when it's appropriate to start dating again, and ensuring your child is able to emotionally deal with single-parent family dynamics. Divorce and custody battles can take a major toll on everyone, and this book dives into that without reservations. Whether you are a single parent by choice or following a separation, there is help within these shared experiences for you.


The Single Dad’s Guide to the Galaxy: Parenting in the Real World by Roger McEwan

While this is penned more as a memoir than a self-help book for single fathers, it will resonate with you. McEwan raised two children on his own, and his experiences along the way with their resolutions will encourage you to stay strong and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Many times, all it takes is seeing things through new eyes, and McEwan has a knack for spinning things in a way that is enlightening.


We Got This by editors Marika Lindholm, Cheryl Dumesnil, Katherine Shonk and Domenica Ruta

Seventy-five single parents came together to pen this book of triumph and resilience, qualities every single parent will need. We Got This is a collection of stories by single mothers and is humorous, embarrassing, relatable, and worth reading every scenario. 


While sometimes lessons are learned from these tales, more often than not, you will find them relatable in a way that brings you closer to other single moms. It will reassure you that you're not alone. Successfully raising a child as a single parent is achievable!

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