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The Importance of Connecting with Other Adoptive Parents

Regardless of where you are in the adoption process, one of the greatest resources available to current and prospective adoptive parents is a connection with other adoptive parents. Other adoptive parents can be an incredible source of wisdom and knowledge and having experienced adoptive families to walk alongside you and do life with you can be a gift. 

Adoptive parents are in it with you

One great benefit of connecting with other adoptive parents is there is a shared experience. They understand the nuances, challenges, and joys that come with adopting and adoption parenting. This means you have a resource available to you that can offer pragmatic support, advice, and encouragement as you navigate your adoption journey and beyond. Adoptive parents can also be a great source of emotional support as they have gone through the adoption experience, regardless of how different it may be from yours. They can offer a safe space to share candidly and process difficult thoughts and feelings. 

Adoptive parents can be wealths of wisdom and knowledge. 

Finding adoptive parents that are willing to share positive practices and practical advice on how they handled the different components of adoption in their family is incredibly beneficial as you learn to parent your adopted child. Adoptive parents have wisdom to impart on you that you may not be able to learn elsewhere. 

Adoptive parents can become sources of community and connection. 

Proximity to other adoptive families can also be affirming to your adopted child. If the other adoptive families have children close in age to your children, it provides the amazing opportunity for your child to potentially have friends that are also adopted. Simply having other families in your community that have adopted can aid in fostering feelings of belonging and connection for adopted children. The more adopted children see adoptive families in their community, the more normaliz adoption can feel for them. This is a necessary component in healthy identity formation for adopted children. 

Adoptive parents can broaden your networks and resources. 

Lastly, connecting with adoptive parents will allow you to learn more about the resources available to support you and your family. These resources could include counseling services, support groups, or even other adoptive families. Creating and cultivating a network around you of adoptive parents and resources is going to be valuable in the long run. 

When thinking about adoption and parenting, connection and community with other adoptive parents and families should be a priority. Regardless of where you are on your adoption journey, seeking out other families that have adopted will be of great benefit. Remember, you do not have to go through this journey alone. 


Written by: Ramya Gruneisen

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