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Service Provider Spotlight - Robert B. Kirsh

Over the years, we've cultivated a robust network of trusted adoption service professionals to refer our adoptive families and birth parents to. This series features Q&As with a few of our referrals from across the country.

What is your title & specialty?

I am an adoption attorney at Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. I practice with my brothers Steve and Joel and my nephew Grant. Combined, the "Kirsh Boys" have more than 100 years of experience practicing adoption law and, over the last 40 years, have handled approximately 4,000 infant adoptions.

What areas do you serve?

I am admitted in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, and Tennessee, working with expectant mothers, adoptive parents, attorneys, and adoption agencies on interstate/ICPC and intrastate adoptions. An instrument-rated Private Pilot, I regularly fly the firm’s Columbia 350 airplane for adoptions across the Hoosier State, Land of Lincoln, Bluegrass State, Great Lakes State, Magnolia State, and Volunteer State. Although a big territory, I can be anywhere from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, within a few hours when a phone call or video chat isn’t personal enough.

What do you like most about what you do?

While most legal matters involve winners and losers, I love the 'win-win-win' nature of adoption law because I get to help expectant moms turn challenging situations into positive ones, create loving adoptive families, and work with my family and other adoption professionals to do the same.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?

My wife Amy and I have two kids – Campbell, a college freshman, and Hudson, a high-school junior. We also have a goldendoodle named Wilson who loves belly rubs, car rides, and going to the office with me. I'm also an avid cyclist, both indoor and outdoor.

What advice do you have for prospective adoptive parents?

Because you are going to be parents for the rest of your lives, only make decisions about adoption because they are what is best for you and your family, not because they are expedient.

What's your most memorable or rewarding moment from working in adoption?

In 2022, I personally handled 53 interstate adoptions. While it was a lot of work, it is humbling to know that I played a part in helping these babies make it into the hearts and homes of their adoptive families. I am lucky to do this kind of work!

Do you have a personal connection to adoption?

While I’ve practiced law for 20 years, 14 of which in adoption law, as the youngest Kirsh brother, I’ve literally watched my 'big brothers' change lives through adoption since I was a teenager.

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