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Questions Every Birthmother Should Ask Adoptive Parents

An adoptive parent profile can tell you plenty of things about waiting families hoping to adopt; where they live, what their hobbies and interests are, information about their extended family, holiday traditions, what they do for a living, and much more. But what you don’t get is the actual emotion behind their words. Hearing what adoptive parents have to say when asked directly by the birthmother (or through the birthmother’s adoption social worker) is a great way to fill in the gaps and understand the complete picture.

At LifeLong Adoptions, we help both birthmothers and adoptive parents through the adoption process. There is no doubt you will have a long list of your own questions, but here are some of ours to help you get started.

Questions to Ask Adoptive Parents

Do you have other children?

Tell me about the rest of your family.

What kind of neighborhood do you live in?

What is a typical day like for you?

What made you decide to adopt?

What does your family think about your decision to adopt?

Do you have any family members or friends who have adopted or who are adopted?

What do you think makes you a good parent?

Do you plan to return to work? What kind of child care arrangement will you have?

How will you explain adoption to your child?

What kind of relationship are you interested in having with me after the adoption?

Questions to Avoid

While there are many questions that you should ask, there are also questions that should be avoided. It is not because these questions are “bad,” it is just better that they come from your adoption social worker instead. Examples of questions to avoid would be anything in regards to infertility, or how the adoptive parents might be able to help you financially. Leave these questions to your adoption social worker, and they can ask the adoptive parents in a comfortable manner.

Asking hopeful adoptive parents personal questions can be tricky. But it’s an important part of the adoption process. What they say and how they say it will give you a better idea of whether they are right for you and your baby. LifeLong Adoptions only works with adoptive parents who are loving, caring and passionate about growing their family through adoption. We look forward to helping you find the perfect family for your baby!

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