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Where Birthmothers Can Turn for Support

After finding out you are pregnant, you may feel like you’re completely alone. Once deciding to place your baby for adoption, you may feel even more alone and uneasy about sharing your decision with others. The bottom line is any woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy needs a solid support system - whether or not she chooses adoption. But who can they talk to? Where do you go to find the support and guidance you need? What if you just need someone to listen?

LifeLong Adoptions

The staff at LifeLong Adoptions makes it a top priority to be available to birthmothers at all times. Even if you haven’t decided to pursue adoption, our door is open for discussing your options, creating a plan, or to just lend an ear for listening. We may not be a close friend or family member, but we understand adoption and offer proper support and guidance. Likewise if you have chosen to move forward with adoption, our door is always opens for questions, concerns or just to talk.


Most birthmothers find it important to have the support from family and friends when deciding to place a baby for adoption. Be prepared to face any questions they may have about your decision. It may also be difficult for them to understand why you chose adoption. Be sure to share your own concerns. Explain that this wasn’t an easy decision for you. Birthmothers choose adoption because of the love they have for their child, and you are doing what you feel is best for the baby. Tell them that you need them right now - because you do.

Birthmother Support Groups

Support groups tailored specifically to birthmothers exist all over the country. There may even be one in (or nearby) your own community. Ask your adoption coordinator at LifeLong Adoptions about meetings in your area. If you’d like to be involved in a support group but aren’t ready for face to face sessions - don’t worry. You can find online groups and forums. You still may not feel comfortable sharing your story and that’s okay. Simply reading about what other women have experienced can be a way to find peace and comfort with your own decision.

Your Medical Provider

Learning to be comfortable around your doctor is an important part of pregnancy and adoption. They aren’t just there to monitor your pregnancy. If you have any questions about pregnancy or adoption, we’re confident your healthcare provider will be more than willing to answer. You can even ask them to keep the conversation confidential. If there is anything your doctor cannot discuss, they are undoubtedly a part of a large network of professionals to refer you to including adoption coordinators, counselors or support groups.

If you ever feel like you have no one left to turn to, never hesitate to contact us at LifeLong Adoptions. We are dedicated to helping birthmothers feel confident, comfortable and safe. It’s never too early or too late to call - nor is any reason too big or too small. Our door is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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