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6 Things Your Baby's Adoptive Family Wants You to Know

When it comes to adoption, it is normal to experience some feelings that aren’t the kind you had read about. It is not easy to open up to a complete stranger. A birthmother can create an image of the adoptive family only based on their profile, but in reality, we are all people with feelings and fears, and it is different to talk to someone face to face. 

It is not easy to be a birthmother or an adoptive family during the adoption process since there are always some things people are too afraid to share and tell. If you are a birthmother considering placing your unborn baby for adoption, there are some things that your baby’s adoptive family would want you to know.

The Adoption Decision

This decision hasn’t been an easy one to make, and most likely the adoptive family is not going to talk about it. Many adoptive families have go through difficult times on the road to parenthood, including infertility treatments and discriminatory adoption laws. For some of them it is hard to look back at the emotionally difficult times leading up to this decision.

The Adoption Audition

It is hard to imagine how an adoptive family feels right before adoption. The whole process of filling out their profile and waiting is just plain difficult. It is hard to look great every time a social worker visits, but they do it because they hope that someone someday is going to call and tell them that they are finally going to get the chance to adopt a beautiful baby.

The Interview Anxiety

It is hard for the adoptive family to figure out how to act when meeting a birthmother for the first time. She is at the same time a complete stranger and also the most important person for the adoptive family. Every adoptive family wants to do everything they can to make the birthmother feel comfortable and at ease, but it is definitely hard for them to talk to her for the first time. In many cases, the adoptive family feels like this talk is the ultimate job interview, and we know how anxious those can be. But, once you find a connection, everything is much easier.

Bittersweet Emotions

Every adoptive family feels like the day they adopt a child is the happiest day of their life, but there are also feelings of sadness, since they are aware of the painful decisions and sacrifices the birthmother has made to make it possible. Every birthmother should know that the adoptive family thinks she is a true hero and will always be an important part of their and their baby’s lives.

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