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The Best Spoken Word and Poetry about Adoption on Youtube


If you’re a mom considering adoption, it is likely a very emotional time. Being selfless enough to place a child for adoption takes a lot of courage. Fortunately for you, there are countless people who have gone through the exact same thing. Sometimes words of wisdom from those who have been in our shoes are all it takes to strengthen our resolve. Read and listen to poems written by birth mothers, adoptive mothers and adopted children!

Listen by Leah

Although it seems to tell a very sad story, Listen is actually a very positive song. Leah was abandoned by her parents and adopted into a happy family. Using vivid language and strong imagery, she speaks about how she grew up. And she grew into a strong and independent young lady surrounded by a loving family. The poem can be heard on Adoption Center of Illinois‘s YouTube channel. There you’ll also be able to find other interesting videos.


Birth Mother by Mayra Duron

If you don’t believe a child could be truly thankful for being adopted, you should really listen to Mayra’s Birth Mother. The song is all about expressing her gratitude to the person who was selfless enough to realize adoption was the right choice. It goes without saying that this young lady is very happy with the family that ended up taking her into their home. This wonderfully positive work can be heard on, where there are plenty of other videos available.

For My Children by Cara-Marie Simpkins

If you’d like to hear a birthmother’s perspective, simply read one of the works on Family Friend Poems. The site will provide you with the kind of material you’re looking for. For My Children is a terrific example. In it, Cara-Marie tells a story of pregnancies that don’t result in happy families. It’s not a sad tale, however, since she herself makes it abundantly clear that giving a child up for adoption does not have to be regrettable experience for the adoptees or birth families. In fact it is a heroic action.

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